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Glow effect invisible on transparent background

I'm trying to render a lightsaber on a transparent background to use as game sprites. I've followed a tutorial on youtube to create the glow/blur effect and it worked great on a black background but ...
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Rendering fire animations with transparent background

I'm creating a simple fireball sprite for my game and I want to render a fire animation. I would like to get the upper images with transparent background, but when is set the transparency on under ...
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Composite blur effect cut off at edges with transparent background

I know several questions have been asked regarding a problem with glow effects not showing up with transparent backgrounds, but I have a slightly different issue. For me, the glow effect does show up, ...
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Rendering a semi transparent object on a transparent background

I have a problem rendering a sphere with a semi-transparent material on a transparent background. When rendered in preview mode, the result is correct, the invisible parts of the sphere don't show up :...
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Render image becomes tranparent with more samples applied [duplicate]

I was trying to create some bubbles. Everything was OK in render preview, but render result becomes completely transparent image. Here you can see render preview. I use HDRi lighting and film ...
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render on a transparent background (volume is almost invisible) [duplicate]

I ran into a problem. If I render on a transparent background, then the output volume is almost invisible. As you can see, the fire after the render almost disappears. :( That is, I try to get the ...
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Render Glass like materials with Alpha Channel to composite in external app

Hope you can help me with some issues I've been dealing these days. As I'm rendering products, most of the time I need to render some transparent materials in order to do a post-pro in Photoshop, ...
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Cycles: object is invisible if Shader Add uses 2 Transparent Shaders

I'm creating ice material, and it works fine, but only in viewport or with background (i.e. disabled Transparent in render). Here is my Nodes with result in the ...
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Rendering gives me a black screen [duplicate]

In the past this was due to still having an image strip within the Video Sequencer Editor, but this time that's no longer the case. I'm not sure what's happened to cause this, but whenever I try to ...
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Eevee Transparent Render is blank

I have a problem and was wondering if this is a bug. I've created some smoke that I would like to render with eevee. If I change the Alpha Setting in "Film" to "Transparent" I just get a blank, ...
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Why doesn't my light beam render? [duplicate]

I made a light beam, very similar to this:, but for some reason I can't render it. If I switch to rendered view mode, I see everything ...
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Transparency from shader becomes white when exporting on transparent background [duplicate]

So first time actually posting a question here, but I just can't seem to find a solution. So I made this fire ramp shader for a project I'm working on, and I want to have a transparent background for ...
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