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Select multiple faces at once

I have a .STL file and all of the faces have been converted to triangles so there are hundreds of long thin triangles. Is there a effective way to select all of the faces in a small area? Something ...
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Save Custom Layout in Blender 2.67b?

How can I save my custom layout in Blender 2.67b? Changing the name of the default layout, clicking the plus-sign to the right of it, and "Save User Settings" in User Preferences all don't work! Is ...
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How can I make an indented cube without using a boolean operation?

As the title says, how can I make this shape without resorting to a Boolean operation? This is obviously a very simple example, but I find myself needing to do something like this relatively often ...
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How to create an infinite plane in cycles?

I have already found one similar question, however it doesn't correctly address what I am talking about. Please see this, example to know exactly what I'm talking about. I have only found this, and ...
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How to set the default vertex count to added geometry?

I wanted to know whether there is a way to set the default amount of vertices of added geometry (Such as default circles and cylinders) ? Changing the amount from 32 can get quite annoying as I am ...
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How to curve the edges of a plane?

I've been looking around and i haven't quite found a way to do this yet without going through a lot of trouble.. I'm trying to curve a plane. To be clear,i'm not trying to do this: What is the fastest ...
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What is the easiest way to smooth the intersection of two planes?

What is the easiest way to smooth the intersection of two planes as shown in the picture below? I would like to achieve something like: For example, a method I would like to do is to fit a parabola ...
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Water in a glass bottle error

I'm having a bit of an issue trying to simulate water in a glass bottle. For some reason there seems to be some refraction that causes the water to bend upwards and creates a weird effect(a sort of ...
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Curving an existing flat plane

Normally, when one creates a curved surface, I understand that you would add a curve, finalize the shape and then extrude it. I'd like to convert an existing surface to a curved one - in this case, ...
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Creating cup base

How can I create only the base of a cup, with no sharp edges? I want to make something like this (image taken from this post), but rotated around the leftmost point. The end result will look ...
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