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Using 3rd party Python modules

I'm currently developing a script for Blender to handle Mesh Frequency Decomposition. The script is nearly complete, but i need one more thing: The SciPy library to compute eigenvalues and ...
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Install pip and packages from within Blender OS independently

This question relates to installing pip from within Blender without the need to open a terminal outside Blender. This allows for more user friendliness and pip calls from within an add-on (as opposed ...
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How to use the PIP library in Blender

I just got started with Blender and my main interest is to use code to generate 3D images. I like what I see, but I do not like the fact that I cannot just use any library I want. Usually, when ...
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How to install Python Modules in Blender?

I tried to install pythonnet in Blender (v2.83) using Windows Power Shell: ...
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Installing module to blender's python (Mac)

I'm trying to install modules (one of them is open3d) with pip command. From 2.8+ it should be easy as pip install open3d (...
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Is it possible to get the current time in Blender?

I want to get the current time in Japan, not the keyframe time And it will set AM00:00 as 0 seconds AM00:01=60 AM00:10=600 AM00:30=1800 AM01:30=5400... I want to change all hours and minutes to ...
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Reading inputs from an xbox controller?

I'm trying to read inputs from an XBox 360 controller in Blender 2.8 however my scripting knowledge is limited. I think I would have to install this python module/library/whatever the heck its called ...
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Can't install pip due to PermissionError on Windows 8.1 [closed]

New to Blender. Experienced with Python 2.7. I am trying to install pip in my Blender Python implementation. I am attempting to do this by following the instructions in How to use PIP with Blender's ...
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GDAL installation

I am trying to install GDAL to use it with BlenderGis, but I am not able to run it. I have Python installed with brew. I tried a similar flow as described here for ...
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How would one go about creating a genetic algorithm and/or neural network for blender?

Where would I need to start? I am just about able to code genetic algorithms and neural networks using Python, C# etc so that is not primarily the problem. Is it just a case of importing modules ...
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How to open Blender's image using Pillow?

I'm using PIL to an addon I'm working on and at some point I need to open images using pillow. The usual way to do is ...
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Blender scripting GPU acceleration

Is there any possible way to accelerate the python's script execution inside of blender using GPU ?
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Why can't I add pip to the version of Python that comes with Blender 2.91.2?

Short version: I need to install external modules for use within Blender, but can't for the reasons given below. I'm on macOS 10.14.3 with Blender 2.91.2, which includes Python 3.7. I want to be able ...
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Install torch in blender

I need to install torch in blender. I've Blender 2.92.0 version installed in Ubuntu 20.04. While trying to ensurepip I've the following issue: ...
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Why does blender's python use system python's site_packages?

Please read carefully this is not about installing packages with Blender's python, but rather their reverse - ignoring system packages. I DO NOT WANT Blender to use the packages in ...
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