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Is there a keyboard shortcut to open and close these areas? [duplicate]

I accidentally closed the panel that has a red circle (I dont know the name of it lol). I had to close everything and load the project again and untick the 'load UI' to restore that panel again. Is ...
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Hierarchy missing, how do I bring it back? [duplicate]

I'm making a model in Blender and then I think I pressed something on my keyboard and then my hierarchy went missing! How can I bring it back again? Thanks!
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How to view the Property Editor in Blender [duplicate]

I am a beginner to blender and have somehow managed to hide the property editor in blender. Is there any way I can bring it back? Thanks
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How do you choose the "3D View Full" workspace? [duplicate]

Seriously, it randomly appears on certain files but I have no idea how I made it happen and can't find the answer anywhere online. I really like using it to explore my scenes and would be really ...
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I Need To Exit Full Screen Area [duplicate]

I accidentally pressed "Toggle Fullscreen Area" and im using a Mac so some things are different cause my keyboard and all I can think of is changing keyboards but can you help?
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I can't split the viewport [duplicate]

So, as is clearly visible, I don't have ay splitting lines or such. I tried CTRL+UP and SHIFT+SPACE but that didn't work. Please help, because this project is nearly impossible without multiple views.
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Where is the equivalent of Toggle Fullscreen Area (Alt+F10) in Blender v2.8? [duplicate]

Where is the equivalent of Blender 2.79's Toggle Fullscreen Area (Alt+F10) in Blender v2.8? Note: I apologize that my original question contained erroneous information. I do NOT need to know how to ...
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How to make the window back to its original? [duplicate]

I just want to save my file and I wrong button pressed. The window becomes this.
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I accidentally clicked something and the little bar at the bottom for animating takes up my whole screen [duplicate]

I clicked something and now my entire "Layout" section is completely taken up by the animation bar, I have tried to simply use my cursor at the top to drag it back down, but it doesn't seem ...
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How to toggle the menu bar back?

I hit some hot key that I'm unsure of and now the grey main menu bar at the top of the screen is gone and I don't know how to get it back. edit: It's the bar with File, Render, Window, and Help tabs....
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How to add viewport

I got a new laptop the Microsoft Surfacebook 2 and now when using blender there aren't the little plus boxes in the corners of my viewports to allow me to add more viewports. Anyone know why this is ...
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How to type in script editor window when mouse cursor is elsewhere?

I'm very new to blender, using it for robotics, so primarily drawing using python very little hand-drawing. When I am typing in the script editing window in Blender (2.76b in Ubuntu) and my mouse ...
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How to access Viewport Properties dialog with small viewport (3d view)?

When I have multiple viewports and I want to change Viewport Properties for a single small viewport, I would normally access "Viewport Properties" pull-down in the upper right corner of the ...
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Wrong View Mode/ All Menus gone

I somehow suddenly landed in a total different environment on blender, most of my menus are gone, I just want to go back to the normal default view with all menus. I saved the file and opened it again,...
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