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Adding grunge with nodes in blender 2.8 [duplicate]

I am really new to blender and I am scrambling to learn as fast as possible however I am currently stuck. I have modeled a basic barrel and textured it as best as I can, I would like to add a dynamic ...
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How to blur a texture node in cycles material?

For a Cycles material I need to blur a texture. If the texture where a Texture Image node, I can blur the image before adding it but in my case I need to blur a Voronoi Texture and so I can't do it. ...
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Edge angle dependent material apply

Hi is there a way to apply a material on certain parts of an object? What I mean is this ... I have for example RUST and PAINT and in the MIX shader I could assign a texture (ie NOISE) so white parts ...
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Pointiness to Vertex Colors for EEVEE

I am attempting to create some Procedural Weathering Effects on a high-poly model using a similar Pointiness method to that discussed in my previous question and answer here. Whilst Cycles provides ...
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create a damaged edge with shader nodes

Blend file is 48mb, so I had to use another file sharing site: I have modeled a speedcube and I'm going to make the stickers damaged, but I had an idea and was wondering ...
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How do I add grunge & rusting texture to a pre-made material? [CYCLE] [duplicate]

I am working on a nature scene where there is a car due to nature it gets rusted and rather by time it gets old. I want to add grunge and rust texture. I had bought materials plugin a while ago, so ...
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Is it possible to get a noise texture spilling out of the mesh borders?

So I have this base cylindrical mesh with a noise shader on it. As you can see the noise is constrained because of the bounds of the mesh. Is there any way that I can make the noise come out of the ...
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How to auto-paint on edges(corners) with a script? Detect corners like in "UV-smart project"?

I need to automatically paint a line on edges(corners that covers normals too) where normals have an angle more than %myValue%. So before I never tried something like that in Blender. Can you guys ...
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How to make that metall texture?

im looking at that picture of a sci fi terminal and im wondering about how to make that kind of white-metall-look? Is that maybe handpainted?
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How to get material to be brighter around edges [duplicate]

I am trying to create a low poly boxy rock model. I want to have the edges to appear brighter than the faces of the material. Is there any easy way to do this? And how would I go about it? I am a ...
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