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Render with a wider dynamic range in cycles to produce photorealistic looking images

To get images that seem more photorealistic, not only a much wider Dynamic Range is needed, but also having the color information desaturate towards white as it would happen in an overexposed ...
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What is the the ASC-CDL node?

The color balance node in the compositor can be switched to use the ASC CDL How is it used? How is this different from Lift/Gamma/Gain? How do the Offset, Power, Slope options affect the image?
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Does Blender have a histogram?

I'd like to be able to tell where—and by how much—a highlight is blowing out without having to render, go into Photoshop, back into Blender, turn my lamp down, render etc etc. So I'm wondering, is ...
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Question about False Color in Render Properties

Following Blender Guru's Donut Tutorials and currently at the end of Part 1. I'm really unsure about the false color concepts, grey is the ideal color so we have to tweak all the settings till its ...
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How do I calibrate exposure to match a gray scale?

Kodak sells A gray scale card. It is used to calibrate B&W filming. Film stock exposure is measured with a densitometer. If the film has been properly exposed and developed, each region of the ...
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How to scale properly HDRI image, to be used in ASC-CDL HDR render?

I've been test rendering lighting my scene using HDR images, trying to get the right value of light and shade from. The problem is, no matter what I do, I can't get the full spectrum in one image, ...
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How to override Filmic color space in the Compositor nodes?

I want to use Filmic color space for my renders, but I also want to override Filmic's constraints in the Compositor for the final image. My current workflow right now is to open my Filmic renders in ...
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Portal effect with two different hdri's

I'm fighting with my scene where I want to show some kind of portal. All scene has illuminated by hdri №1. The objects behind the 'glass' (object with 100% transparency) should be illuminated by hdri №...
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How do I adjust for overexposure using physically based lighting?

I am trying to get my head around physically based lighting in Blender. I read somewhere the Cycles Sun Lamp is measured in W/m² so assuming that bright sunlight is measured at 120000 lux (https://en....
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How to fix lighting artifacts due to filmic blender?

Currently I am using blender 2.83.10. After watching Blender Gurus tutorial on photorealism I switched the default datafiles\colormanagement folder with Filmic-blender that I got from github. Since ...
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