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How to apply normal-, gloss-, occlusion-, specularity- and displacement map on one cycles material? [duplicate]

I try to apply all these textures to one material in cycles. These are all my textures: My attempt (no idea at all how occlusion map works)
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Do I use bump node or normal/map node? [duplicate]

I'm pretty new to blender and while learning and using material assets I've come to realise that many of them come labelled as "normal" or "normal map" or something like that. I've ...
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How do I use texture maps in Cycles nodes? [duplicate]

What I did: Change render engine to Cycles Add Suzanne Add plane Scale plane by 5 Change environment texture to HDRI from Change Suzanna node setup Change plane node setup (use ...
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How to add bump [duplicate]

I have model and I want to add the them a bump in cycles and I have this picture any one know how to add this kind of bump in cycles?
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How to compile several maps into a texture [duplicate]

I downloaded some textures recently and they come with several other files, used to dictate height, normal, roughness, and ambient occlusion. I was wondering how to use all these so they produce a ...
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Blender Importing . How to reapply all textures and maps to Luxox18 import models? [duplicate]

Im looking for help to reapply textures and maps to models from r6 siege game in Cycles Render. I downloaded his imported models from his Devian (link below) and i imported .obj file , but i have no ...
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How to use existing UV unwrap texture on model [duplicate]

I have character model extracted and it has separate diff, normal map textures etc. Is there any way to apply them as they are? Without manual adjustments?
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How do I combine these texture maps correctly in a material? [duplicate]

I'm working on a model for VRChat, and the uploader in Unity requests as few meshes and materials as possible. This wouldn't be a problem normally but I went with an outside tool to pull multiple ...
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How to texture a model in blender? [duplicate]

I'm playing around with applying texture diffuse, normal maps and speculars to 3d models. So I have downloaded a premade one and tried to play around with it. However i can't seem to apply the ...
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How do I use albedo, heightmap and normalmap on a material? [duplicate]

I've been going through a couple of tutorials on applying textures using the node editor, but I can't seem to get it right. I downloaded some 3d images, they include (albedo, heightmap and normalmap) ...
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Where should the different downloadable texture maps plug into [duplicate]

I am downloading textures from online and I have found where to plug most of the on a principled shader from online. There is a map called mask, and after further research I am unsure what this does ...
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Adding Textures to a Model? [duplicate]

How can I add all the texters that should be on the obj soldier model? When I want to add texture, my whole model stands out. Because of this, I can add only one texture. So, I threw a photo on where ...
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How do you apply multiple textures at a time (see inside for more details) [duplicate]

I have a collada (.dae) file and another folder full of textures for it. How do I apply all of those textures to the object, or is there a way to import it with the textures on it?
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which texture should I connect to which input in BSDF [duplicate]

I have a 3D bottle & 6 texture maps such as alpha.jpg, bump.jpg, color.jpg, color-blur.jpg, env.jpg & roughness.jpg . So I want to mix my texture maps in the shader nodes of Blender To achieve ...
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Can anyone give me a detailed description on all the maps in blender? [duplicate]

Can anyone give me a detailed description on how to use different types of maps(eg: albedo,opacity, normal, displacement,et cetera et cetera ); which all maps are to be set to non-color data or sRGB; ...
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