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How to create an computationally efficient fan or sheet of light in Cycles? [duplicate]

I want a light source to put out a sheet or fan of light. It would illuminate only along a line if it were shining on a flat surface. But I want to shine this on complex shapes. One way I've tried ...
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Making a Laser in Cycles - Straight Beam of Light?

I am modeling a laser pointer in Blender, but I am not sure how to make the laser's light beam. The Spot light comes the closest to what I am looking for, but its starting diameter is 0, and you ...
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Scan plane "shadow"

I'd like to know how to make a "flat" sort of scanning beam that is cut off by various items it interacts with. For example, say that the beam emits from a single point and is shaped like a ...
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What does the geometry node mean with the point the shading point is being viewed from

I am trying to implement a laser line that I can move freely along an object to simulate a prototype we are developing. I am following the answer provided at Using Nodes for Laser Line and I have some ...
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Laser scanning effect in EEVEE?

I am trying to create laser scanning light in EEVEE for fast animation rendering.           An example laser screening gate from Borderlands 2 This post ...
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Change custom Node input through Python console [duplicate]

I have a custom node simulating a laser: The node itself is pretty complex with rotations and whatnot, but it's attached to a Lamp object. In short what it does is illuminate a pixel if some ...
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Make emission shader emit straight rays

Area lamps and emissive materials emit light rays that spread out. How do I make an emission shader that only emits light rays exactly perpendicular to the object's face normals? Is it also possible ...
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How do I model Laser scanning effect?

So i'm trying to build this sci-fi looking scene and trying to scan one of my model but it won't give a decent result I tried using sun lamp reducing its size and blocking it with plane having a ...
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How do I make a laser beam in Blender? [duplicate]

How do I achieve a physically accurate laser beam within Blender? This is what I want to achieve:
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Visible light beam with a specific shape

By using Cycles, I'd like to create and move a visible light beam with a specific shape, for instance, a pyramid. The beam should interact with other objects, without going through them but producing ...
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How to create a laser beam in Blender? [duplicate]

I am modeling a laser beam in blender, and I was wondering exactly how to achieve the "beam" look of the laser. I don't exactly want to use a bright red lamp, or an emission shader, because obviously ...
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How to make glossy material reflect spotlights into volume?

I want to be able to create a nice spotlight effect with a spotlight being shone on a mirror or some sort, and be able to see these reflections through a volume scatter, I've tried a few times to get ...
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