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Mapped texture not showing in viewport [duplicate]

The texture does not show in UV editing mode, default mode or render. I have mapped the UVs and the viewport shading is set to textured mode as shown. I tried adding a material (it was green) and the ...
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Texture with UV grid not showing up on 3d object [duplicate]

I'm new to this. Learned a lot through tutorials, but now I am stuck at uv mapping thing. Marked all the seams, it all shows well in UV/Image editor, but when I assign texture with UV grid on the ...
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Texture Solid Option Is Not Showing Textured On 3D View port [duplicate]

I unwrapped this cube and applied a grid texture into it. Then i Enabled [Textured Solid] Option from N panel. But It now showing textured on the display. I am not understanding , what is wrong with ...
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Couldn't download image as plane [duplicate]

I'm watching architectural tutorial and this add-on (Image as Plane) is not working well or I might use it wrong. So I'm trying to import image as a plane and get only plane and no image on it...can't ...
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How to see texture on the mesh in viewport [duplicate]

I can´t see the test texture placed according to the UV unwrap I made for the mesh. I preview mesh in Texture shading mode. These are screenshots in Edit mode showing unwrapped mesh:
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Texture doesn't have the texture but only the texture color [duplicate]

I made a landscape in blender but if i use my texture it isn't using the texture but the texture color. Please Help me]1
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I've combined two different textures using colour mixing but they're not showing together [duplicate]

I'm trying to put the bear logo on my jacket's sleeve. I put the UV maps of the jacket (UVMap) and logo (UVMap.001) in the shading and mix them together. Also, I added a new UV map and unwrapped part ...
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Blender unable to see image texture file from usdz model [duplicate]

I have the following model downloaded. It previews fine on macOS quick look. but if I open it in blender using the import it shows this How to fix? usdz file:
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Uploading photos in Blender [duplicate]

When I'm trying to upload photos in Blender-General using Import in File, its not working. The square outline of the image is coming but not the actual picture itself so i end up with a blank ...
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My textures are not being applied to the mesh I am editing inside the Shader Editor [duplicate]

Context: I bought this animal pack that I want to use inside of Twinmotion and maybe Sketchup. Thus I look for ways to export the .fbx file with textures. I find this tutorial on the matter which ...
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Importing OBJ with MTL and Image not working properly

I'm trying to import an OBJ file that has associated MTL and PNG files. There's a similar question here, but the answer is not very helpful, I just see a big blob. These are the files that I'm trying ...
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How do I add a texture when Importing from OBJ scan?

I am rather new to using blender, and I have run into a bit of a problem. My boss has been using a 3D scanner, and I am supposed to import the results of the scans. I am able to import them into ...
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Is there a textured but unlit (full bright) viewport mode?

I'm trying to display models that have shading drawn or baked directly on the textures, but I can't figure out how to disable Blender's default scene lighting. If there are no lights in the scene, ...
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How is this blendfile hiding textures?

I saw this tutorial on Blender Nation that deal with creating Minecraft animations in Blender. After following several links, I finally came up with the file and downloaded it. I could edit the ...
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Object texture not showing up when selecting "texture" viewport shading

I have a simple plane which I have unwrapped to match a picture, so it's just a picture as a plane object. When I selected "textured" in the viewport shading, I could clearly see the picture projected ...
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