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Efficient method to extrude curbs [duplicate]

Very often I need to extrude a shape inwards or outwards to create a curb/wall or simply another edge loop. I move the verts around manually and it's a painful and long process. I'm looking for ...
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Contract a mesh (in order to make a mesh parallel to the original one) [duplicate]

I have a mesh and I'd like to generate a new mesh with a given distance to the original one. I've tried scaling the mesh but since it is not squared it gets non uniform distances. Regards This photo ...
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How can I extrude edges inwards so the offset distance is same for all edges? [duplicate]

How can I extrude edges inwards and keep same distance for all exuded edges? When I try to extrude (see pic 1) and press "s" all extruded edges have different offset from original (see pic 2) and I ...
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How to create a hole in a rotated face and choose the distance between the external and internal edge? [duplicate]

I want to create a square hole in a wall, but I would like the space between the external and internal edges to have a specific measurement (0.005 m). I succeeded to do it on one wall because it is ...
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Can shapes with rounded corners be extruded with even thickness?

What I want to achieve is to extrude and scale the inner shape to the outer one like this: The center of the shape seems to be attracted by the roundings, I tried to use bounding box center but this ...
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How to scale Faces evenly?

Here I have created a rectangularly-shaped object. I applied the scale using Ctrl+A and then selected the bottom face. I press E to extrude, tap enter and then S to scale. I hold the Shift+Z to scale ...
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How to offset the edges? [duplicate]

I want to offset the edges. An reference.gif is attached. I have done in other software. Can we offset the edges in that way.
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Why can't I scale the mesh?

I have 2 meshes and I added a 3mm solidify modifier to both of them. The upper red mesh looks merged to me, so I want to scale it a little so that I can't see the red mesh from black. In the edit ...
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Face wont scale in proportion

So I've been working on this arch and I have decided that I want the bottom 50cm a little thicker, a skirting type effect. My idea was to take the bottom face, extrude it (z), scale it out to the ...
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Scaling so that the distances from the center are the same? [duplicate]

when I scale a face, it is scaled propotionally. But how can I scale it, so that the two distances that I marked here: are the same? thx
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