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Importing images as frames in bulk [duplicate]

I have a massive folder of 3300 images as part of a multi-hour timelapse of a flower opening and closing. Fairly basic stuff. I want to render them as a 4K-movie with each image being one frame at ...
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i have rendered my animation but how do i turn it to a video [duplicate]

i have rendered my animation but i realized it was saved in different pictures.i tried changing it to a Xxiv file but that didn't work(movie file on blender 2.78). how can i change it to a video[
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Any way to get a multilayer video?

So I have an animation that I am trying to render in cycles. It takes about 20 mins per frame (my pc isn't amazing) and is 200 frames. I want to render the animation overnight, close the program and ...
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What is the best way of making an MP4 from an image sequence (PNG) [duplicate]

I have rendered 80 individual frames from blender in 1080p. what is the best method for creating a high-quality MP4 file with disregard to size limitations for maximum quality. I read that blender re-...
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How to fix my blender not rendering? [duplicate]

Hi I am a beginner in blender, it worked fine until I tried to render a video from video editing section in blender and after that my render stopped working, here's before: And here's after:
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Why my rendering slows down and stops at an arbitrary frame?

When I’ve tried to render an animation, the first frame seems to take way longer than it usually does. Then, I return a few hours later, and it seems to have stopped at frame 26 or 31, when usually ...
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How to Export Render As Video [duplicate]

I made a small animation. Very simple, just a floating cube and a color changing light. After fighting a bit with key frames it was time to render, I realized I have no idea how to export this. How do ...
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Bad quality rendereing videos with Eevee

I'm trying to render a video with Eevee but I'm getting a really bad video quality. When I render an image it looks perfect, everything looks smooth: But when I ...
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Render out a video of an animation [duplicate]

I have been following a tutorial on YouTube that instructs how to create a wrecking ball that uses a rigid body to smash some cubes. In the video, the person who created the tutorial made an animated ...
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How can I get rendered animation to video instead of a bunch of pictures [duplicate]

I made a blender animation, and when I rendered it, it just became alot of pictures and no video. How can I make it a video instead of having a bunch of pictures?
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I have finished rendering my animation into PNG files, how do I edit? [duplicate]

I don't know how to make all the PNGs into one seamless short, via iMovie/Filmora
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How to export a sequence of images as a video file in Blender 2.8

I'm using blender 2.8 and on the video sequencer I added an image sequence of an animation I'm making. I now have a strip and I'm happy with the result. How do I then export it as a video file?
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Rendering interval by frames

I am new here and i hope i am not making anything wrong. So, my problem is : I want to render my animation, i have 5+ computers to do that and the scene has 2730 frames. Its possible for example : on ...
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Watch Frames of Animation Already Rendered While Still Rendering

If halfway through rendering all frames of an animation with Cycles, is it possible to watch a video of the frames that have already been rendered? Thanks
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Is my animation supposed to render frame by frame?

i am just starting out of blender. i found a tutorial on how to make a text animation and it is rendering it frame by frame.. it is taking 10 minutes a frame and there are 140 frames. it is still ...
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