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Render shadow on transparent background with Blender Render [duplicate]

I need to render a model on a transparent background. The models have a light source so they should be casting a shadow on a surface (the XY plane). The purpose for this is to overlay the rendered ...
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Cycles: compositing alpha channel [duplicate]

I have rendered an object using hdri and lamp lights. Using render layers i want to have object and shadows only. I show you my nodes. I need to know how to transform white pixels to alpha channel ...
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how do I add a shadow on the floor of a tracking scene? [duplicate]

Im having trouble adding a shadow to my scene. I have one scene of the main object (pic 1) and one scene with the ground (pic 2) But when I render them together, the result is just the main object ...
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Is it possible to render an object's "ground shadows" on a separate layer in Blender Render? [duplicate]

Lately I've been trying to look for any tutorials on how to make "shadow catcher" planes in Blender Render because I need to render ground shadows on a separate layer. However it seems every tutorial ...
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Why does my photo not show up when importing it? [duplicate]

I've been following this tutorial on YouTube, but when I add the photo (around 0:40 in the video) the photo doesn't show up. Does anyone have an explanation or anyone have a better tutorial?
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Cycles: Shadeless "Shadow-catcher" Material for Rendering onto Footage

I am superimposing CGI over video footage, and have run into a problem in making materials for objects that act as 'shadow catchers'. Essentially I want a shader that is shadeless—like an emitter—but ...
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Render shadows over a transparent background in cycles

I'm trying to make a logo that will be on the header of a website. What I'd like to achieve, and the reason I'm using Blender, is the projected shadows on the background looking perfectly real (as ...
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How do you create an infinite ground plane?

How would you make a ground plane that goes on forever? Here is an example, but it is from a very very old version of blender.
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Realistic rendering of mesh together with image?

Apologies for this possibly too vague question, but are there some general guidelines to follow when rendering artificial 3D meshes together with an imported 2D image as the background? In the ...
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How to create an infinite plane in cycles?

I have already found one similar question, however it doesn't correctly address what I am talking about. Please see this, example to know exactly what I'm talking about. I have only found this, and ...
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Composite a 3D object into a photograph

I was wondering how you would go about putting a 3D object into a photograph so that portions of the image are: In front of, or Behind the model. For example, a photo taken from the roadside with a ...
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Rendering Objects one by one?

I'd like to render all objects on the blend file and render them one by one seperately. I'd like it to: Render the object on selected collection Save it with the obj name as png to folder (if folder ...
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When integrating live action footage and cg, how to make proper shadows for actors?

What is the best way to make believable shadows for moving actors that are standing in front of a green screen? Do you need to have a perfect modeled double that follows his movements so it can cast ...
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How do I darken object shadow?

I created a scene using HDRI in which an airdrop is there on ground but airdrop shadow is not visible which makes it looks unreal. I've used a shadow catcher and it is even having particle system to ...
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render only the shadows in Cycles

Is it possible to create a matte shadow material in Blender Cycles? For example, both 3DS Max and Maya have a preset material that only renders the shadow on the mesh. It is great for applying to ...
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