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Easy way to run python script in blender python console?

When I press "run script" with a python script in the Text Editor, it runs, but seems to spawn some new invisible python interpreter. I'd like it to run in the Python Console that I already have open. ...
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How can I display what happens in the system console inside blender's console?

I have a button created by my script. I wonder how I can display what the system console displays but inside blender's console. CoDEmanX did this by running a script inside it as shown here, but I ...
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How to properly paste Python function block into python console?

Hi i have some questions : i want to paste block of function into the python console and got a lot of indentation error. Is this a bug or do i miss something ? i'm using 2.79. I'm new in coding. ...
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How do I send multiple command line commands to the same Blender instance?

im pretty new to blender, and im facing the need to issue python scripts to blender outside of blender via command line. Im using the following from a windows shell: "blender exe" --python "python ...
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Is automatic "Reload from disk" confirmation in Text Editor possible?

I use an external editor for my scripting. When I return to Blender I want the script in the text editor to reload my changes. Blender does indeed detect the changes (red button) which is great but it ...
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Where does my Python output go when I start Blender with a script in Windows?

I'm starting Blender 2.79 with a --python flag to run a python script. On a Mac, print() statements show up in the terminal ...
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How to reload all text editor scripts at once

I'm creating some simple scripts to automatize my workflow. Things like: ...
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Open Blender GUI from .py script

Can I open GUI window from bpy module and control scene from script? Example: ...
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Relative path to script folder using text view

I'm completely new to scripting, just started watching my first tutorial on this matter and the tutor in the video uses the built-in python scripting view, but has to copy and paste lines of code into ...
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How to have Blender run my script from the filesystem rather than the script window? [duplicate]

I'm trying to figure out a workflow to allow me to develop addons in Blender that doesn't require me to use the Scripting window. The scripting window is great if your script can be done in a single ...
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Text Editor Scripts not available in the Python Console - but are available to scaling drivers

Summary - Background Created a text file in Gedit Opened in Blender Text Editor Selected [x] Register Summary - Issue The scripts are available to my scaling drivers No ...
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How to execute a python script inside execute(self, context) in operator class?

I have a simple python script import bpy for obj in obj.location.x += 5 I want to execute this script in ...
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Run a python script before console

When I launch blender with -P and --python-console together like this ...
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How to import script from Text editor to Python Console?

Problem description I've got a simple script in Text Editor And want to get the function defined in it be able to execute from Python Console. Old Blender Cookie tutorial says that all I have to do ...
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Run script through Python without polluting namespace?

How can I use the Python API to run a Python script, exactly as if it were either opened with .use_module=True or run with or ...
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