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Is it possible to take a 'slice'/plane out of an object and extrude it

I am wondering if it is possible to create an object from a 'slice' from a different object which is then extruded - hard to describe. Take for example a 3d model of an open row boat with the 3d ...
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Is there a way to fill in a hollow object?

I am trying to make a mold of an airway. My goal is to fill in the mold (rectangles) up to the inner geometry. Right now, they are completely hollow and I was curious if there is a way to fill in ...
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Walls on cross section of a solidified object look hollow

When I cut a solidified object (with Alt-b) to see how it looks inside - its walls look hollow (see picture) on the cut plane (but remain solid were they were not ...
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Boolean Modifier Help - Difference - Surface Remaining

I'm very new to Blender but I'm trying to create a simple facemask. I am using a Head Mesh (using FaceBuilder add-on) and a simple hallow cylinder to create the profile of the mask that will sit ...
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Hollow head when exporting

I have imported a MakeHuman figure into blender and I have posed an exported it as an STL. But when I import the STL figure into chitubox the head has a hollow; but the rest of the figure is solid. I ...
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How to change an Object from Solid to Hollow in Blender 3.1.2? [duplicate]

As someone new to Blender I have an object (STL) I've imported into Blender that I want to create a mold for that I can then 3D print. I therefor want to encase it in a larger version of itself (split ...
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Disolving object, but make it full inside

I'm trying to make animation of disolving the object (like in the photo). I dicaded to use a shaders by animating location X in the mapping shader It's working but I need to make it filled inside (...
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How to turn my hollow model solid inside for 3d printing [duplicate]

I have a hollow 3d model that i need solid. How do I do this? Thanks
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