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How can I resize/move the "canvas" of an image in the compositor?

As you can see, if I try to translate an image in the compositor, it does not affect the actual bounds of the image, only the pixels themselves. The same thing happens when trying to scale an image: ...
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How to combine low sample renders?

I am rendering my scene with only one sample but all the renders of the same picture have a different seed value. How can I combine them correctly? I wrote a java-program that loads all the images and ...
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Combining an image sequence into a single image

I would like to combine an image sequence into a single image in a quick way. I tried adding all the images into the compositor manually But it will take a long time to add each node one by one. This ...
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Increase quality of water render

Here is my attempt at dropping things into water. Unfortunately it did not turn to out well especially at the bottom right and this is at 900 cycles. Are there any ways apart from increasing the ...
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Why is a 100% mix node not acting as the identity?

If I Gaussian Blur white, I get white. No surprise. If I then pipe this through a Mix node with any other color—say, yellow—the output is black. I'm baffled. Why does this happen? This ...
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Creating renders from Image Stacking using different sampling levels

I read through the conversation on this question: Is there a way to render a single frame using network rendering in cycles. I tried the image stacking method that was suggested and got pretty good ...
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Resumable render for Cycles

The Resumable Render for Cycle allows you to add some Samples steps when rendering your image from the command line (as far as I understand) "This feature is also known by the name Samples Offset, ...
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Render and saving image progressively by adding samples

I am looking to save the render preview as image without taking a screen shot. I am just trying to render it sample by sample as my machine gets heated up like crazy when fully rendering with only 200 ...
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Is there a way to get ONE random value as seed for Cyles per render?

I know, this question sounds old, but there is a twist. If you want to use image stacking to reduce noise, you have to choose a different seed for every render. To do that automatically I found the ...
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Add more samples after render

If I rendered in cycles with 128 samples for example, is there any way to increase the samples count to 256 and only do the additional 128 samples without starting the rendering all over again? I'm ...
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Cycles option to merge multiple renders instead of one big render?

From this answer: Why do fireflies increase with number of samples when using a hdri light source? It seems like you can get much nicer, faster rendering with low samples, image merging. However, I'...
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How can I do multiple "renderings" of one scene in one render?

I have a scene in which I want to reduce noise/fireflies by the method illustrated here, i.e. rendering twice (or in my case 4 times, but the theory is the same) with lower sample count but different ...
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Is it possible to combine multiple frames into one still Cycles render to simulate long exposure?

I have a simple 20 frame animation. The objects in the scene are imported png files as planes. I have the various planes scaling and moving over time - Is there a render option that allows me to ...
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Single Image rendering with blender netrender

I read this post (Is netrender only useful for multiple frames?) about rendering a single image with netrender. But how can I combine those images very quickly and easily? Say for example I have 100 ...
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Is it possible to continue rendering an image from that point after it finished rendering by further increasing rendering samples?

I just finished the rendering. I am not satisfied with the final result. I want to push it further. Is there a way to increase the rendering sample to continue rendering based on this result without ...
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Is there any way to augment the previous render? [duplicate]

I rendered my scene with 1000 samples and it is still looking grainy. I would like to pass another 1000 samples on top of this render result. When I start a new render Blender starts rendering the new ...
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