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Border between materials [duplicate]

I have two materials here and i want to mix them to have a smooth border between them.(but not just put them one after another like layers). Explain me please how to do it.
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feathered selection of a plane [duplicate]

Is there a way to feather a selection within one plane in order to have 2 different variables of a procedural texture blend into each other? I can't seem to avoid the hard edge in between the 2 ...
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How to transition between mountain and desert material? [duplicate]

I'e looked at many tutorials for creating desert mountains / deserts individually, but I'm trying to make a scene with a mountain in an actual, realistic desert, and I can't seem to match the ...
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How to "transition" from one texture/material to another (not animation related) [duplicate]

I'm trying to create something similar to the first image and I'm not sure how to go about creating that transition between the granule portion and the black tar portion as simply as possible. ...
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How do I gradually go from one material to another? [duplicate]

I am trying to put lips on my character, but as you can see, there is an abrupt line between the lip material and the skin material. It looks super fake. How do I smoothen out the transition between ...
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Two Different materials in One Object [duplicate]

In the İmages you can see the vase has a 2 different colours. The top is white and opaque, and the bottom is transparent and dark blue (thanks to my webcam you'll see it as black). My question is how ...
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How to create a gradient texture from one material to another (opaque to clear)?

I am trying to render an object that has opaque base and gradually becomes clear/translucent at the top in Blender cycles. Please see the attached image (which was not made with blender).
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How can you smooth the edge between two materials?

I have created this with cycles: But the edge between the glowing and non glowing materials is very sharp. The material was manually applied to faces in edit mode. Is there any way I can smooth the ...
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How do I enable texture preview in the node editor?

I'm following another answered question on stackexchange and one of the screencaptures demonstrated the node editor with texture previews on individual nodes including output. This is from a much ...
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How can I have a smooth transition between colors on a low poly model?

I don't know what to call it but I have a low poly landscape right here, but my problem is its color. I want it to have like some sort of gradient effect using different materials. If you don't ...
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How can I make the texture gradient?

I've modelled an apple and I gave it colors but the top has a stem which seens to start brown and finish green. I tried to replicate that but I don't know how to make the textures smoother (gradient) (...
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Any way to use procedural material/textures for painting?

I am quite familiar with Blender (V2.81) and now I am starting to experiment with procedural material, made in the material node editor. Now, I know that I can assign different materials to single ...
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Is it possible to blend two materials on two intersecting objects?

I've got two objects, each with their own distinct material, and what I'd like to do is a smooth blend between the two materials where the objects are intersecting. Is there a way to do this without ...
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Transition between 2 terrain texture

I have terrain (floating island) with 2 textures on it. Bottom (stone) and top (grass) As you can see on picture there is not transition from stone to grass so my question is how i can make it. Here ...
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Cycles Gradient between two materials

How do i create gradient between two materials in one mesh? (second screenchot was edited in PS)
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