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What file format should I use for rendering?

I am new to Blender and want to render an image of my object. I see that there are a lot lot lot of file formats to chose from. Which one should I pick?
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How can I animate the Restrict Visibility property of an object?

I've been trying to create an animation where an object blinks on and off. For example, I have a Cube and I set a keyframe on it's Restrict Visibility icon (the "eye" icon) with ...
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Resuming rendering image sequence after blender crash

I usually render my animation into image sequence format, It usually takes a lot of time, so I turn off my monitor and come back later to check the rendered result then find that blender crashed ...
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Rendering Backwards

Is there a way in blender cycles render engine to render a scene backwards instead of forward?
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How Do You Select Only Part Of a Timeline To Be Rendered?

Let's say I only want a section of the timeline to be rendered, and I want the final output to be in RAW AVI format. How would you do that? Thanks guys!
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Resume rendering?

Is there a way you can resume renderings with cycles in AVI JPEG Format? Like if you wanted to stop your computer and give it a break and then start off the next time where you ended it? I don't know, ...
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Is every frame of a animation stored in RAM

I am currently rendering a animation and it will take a long time but before I let it run for hrs I want to know if every frame of the animation is stored in RAM because my PC only has 2 GB and I don'...
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Should I open two blenders to render with my GPU/CPU?

I have a i7-2600 which is currently rendering a scene to .avi and is about 8 hours in and half way. The CPU is at near 90% usage. I also have a GTX 460 GPU (which I believe supports CUDA) Is it a ...
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smoke+fire simulation fine in viewport but jittery in render

Here's my blend file. The camera shake is intended. Here's what it looks like in the viewport: (source: When I render, however, even after the camera shakes, the fire clearly jitters ...
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Blender Cycles quickly renders animation just black [closed]

After making some improvements to a project that I have not previously had any problems with I proceeded to set up my render settings. I then realised that I had been working in blender render ...
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