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How to set a specific edge length numerically?

I've got this question from one of my best students. The question is the following: Suppose, that we have Edit mode with some edges, vertices, etc. How to set a selected edge to have a specific ...
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How to set object dimension

Is there a way to set absolute dimensions of an object. Once I've created a cylinder for example, how can I go back and change the length? I know I can scale it, but I want to set an absolute length ...
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Scaling in object and edit mode

My question is: why do Object mode scaling and Edit mode scaling seem to be incompatible? I'm quite new to blender, so I may not know sth important about these modes. The actual case is: I create a ...
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Set dimensions of a mesh

I've set "Meters" as the unit I want to use, with a 1.0000 scale, which means that every square on the grid is 1 meter, right? Now, I want to set a cube to be exactly 1.5m tall (for example), how do ...
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How to work with parameters?

How can I work with parameters in Blender? I tried searching on Google, but I didn't find results. When I change the parameter on the X and Y axis, it works well, but when I go into Edit mode, I can'...
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How can I control the size (Diameter) of a ring that is made with the simple transform / Bend?

I start with a 1 x 1 x 1 cube set at -9.5 Y units from the origin. I use an empty at the origin as my Center of Deformation. I use the simple deform modifier / Bend with 360 deg as the deform ...
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Edit Mode Dimensions

If i have the default cube and then go into edit mode and add another cube, I cannot find where to set absolute dimensions of the second cube. I can scale it, but is there a place to find where you ...
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Set dimensions in Edit Mode

In object mode you can set the dimension in the item bar. But in edit mode you can't select something, like edges or faces and apply an specific dimension. As far as I could search, I found this Edit ...
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Get dimension of selected part of mesh?

is there a way to get the dimensions (bounding-box scale) of a selected part of a mesh? Right now I have to do the following steps to get that information: duplicate the selected part of the mesh ...
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Where is the dimensions option?

I need this desperately but can't find it. Am I doing something wrong?
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Locking size of individual mesh part

I have an object with a lot of holes with the same size. I want to make the object smaller, but also I want to save sizes of the holes that are part of the object.
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