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How can I keep low resolution textures pixelated?

I have a problem. I am going to make a minecraft animation in blender. But when I put a minecraft texture on a 3d cube that is 16x16x16 it is very low resolution is there a way to get the texture in a ...
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Why are my textures blurry? [duplicate]

This is an image of a 50 samples render of my scene. I know, low samples but no matter what samples I render it at the textures are always blurred. This is my camera options. And this is my render ...
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How to fix blurry images on pixelated (16x16) textures on Blender 3.3 [duplicate]

I would like to make a render of my Minecraft world, however, the textures are sort of fuzzy and I was wondering if someone could help me fix it. I have heard from other posts and videos that it might ...
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UV editor showing colours as hazy [duplicate]

I've been following along with Imphenzias video on Low Poly modelling and when i get the part of picking colour in the UV editor the colours are hazy and cloudy. like steam on a mirror if that makes ...
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How do l disable this gradient color effect on my UV texture? [duplicate]

I apologize for my noobidity, but how can I disable this gradient thing? I need accurate, solid colors. Thank you in advance.
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after rendering why I'm getting fuzzy, unclear image, even though I kept 100% resolution and sample 128 , mipmaps is uncheck [duplicate]

after rendering why I'm getting fuzzy, unclear image, even though I kept 100% resolution and sample 128 , mipmaps is uncheck
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How to not distort pixels?

I am working on a low poly model and I would like to texture it with pixelart. The problem is that whenever I aply the textures, most of the pixels get distorted, stretched or compressed. Is there any ...
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UV mapping perfect pixel textures

I am trying to model a Mech in a very simplistic style with pixelated textures. I am trying to achieve something similar to this: Here are the textures from the last one: Im having issues with the ...
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How to prevent blurry interpolation when scaling a texture? [duplicate]

I am using gazebo to develop some optical measurement system and I have to get a good proportion for textures in the object. I made a pyramid of 25 x 12.5 mm and unwrapped a texture in order to have 1 ...
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UV pixel bleed from pixel snap in Viewport.

I'm new to Blender and was hoping someone might have an answer to this. I'm currently working on a model that uses pixel art with low poly models. To do this I make tiles in Photoshop, then pixel ...
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