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Remove plane while keeping shadows intact [duplicate]

I have watched BlenderGuru's camera tracking tutorial and tried to do the same with cycles but i want to remove the base plane which is used for shadows while keep the shadows intact. How can I do it? ...
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How to render casted shadow on surface only [duplicate]

How can i render a character + the shadow it cast on a surface but not the surface itself? I would use it to Render my background only once (if nothing moves in background) so i would be saving a ...
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Casting shadow without any floor [duplicate]

So I wanted to render a my model in a video scene, and after setting up the tracking scene I can see that in render view, both the model and the floor are visible (along with the shadow casted). What ...
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Rendering shadows on transparent background / converting model from cycles to internal render [duplicate]

I'm trying to render a model over existing video footage. So I need to render the shadows on a transparent background so it can be superimposed on the footage. I know there is a way to do this in the ...
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Ground Transparent but keeping Shadows [duplicate]

Say I have a cube on a plane: How do I make the ground transparent but also keeping the shadow that the cube passes? I want a solid shadow, not a transparent shadow as other answers detail. Like this:...
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How to make a model cast shadows onto the world texture/background?

In most of my models, I usually end up setting a world background using an HDRI image of some kind or another. This has always been really useful for lighting in general or as a background for my ...
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Render shadow on transparent background with Blender Render [duplicate]

I need to render a model on a transparent background. The models have a light source so they should be casting a shadow on a surface (the XY plane). The purpose for this is to overlay the rendered ...
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How to render a shadow without the object in the scene

So I am rendering a scene with a train and landscape. I want to render the train separately from the landscape, since it is too extensive on my computer. The down side is that the train wont render ...
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How to create an infinite plane in cycles?

I have already found one similar question, however it doesn't correctly address what I am talking about. Please see this, example to know exactly what I'm talking about. I have only found this, and ...
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How do I make a pure white plane that receives shadows?

Basically, I just want a shader for my ground plane that receives shadows but is otherwise pure white. I figured this would just be a simple checkbox or two but it's proving to be more complicated. ...
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How can I make a shadow disappear in Cycles?

I'm doing an acetate animation effect: Text on 'transparent plastic' lays down on a white surface, and as the text lays down its shadow, from a sun lamp, plays on the white surface. All achieved. A ...
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render only the shadows in Cycles

Is it possible to create a matte shadow material in Blender Cycles? For example, both 3DS Max and Maya have a preset material that only renders the shadow on the mesh. It is great for applying to ...
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Can't get background image to show in cycles render I've followed this tutorial to the T and my end result is not showing properly for some reason. Any idea why this could be? I have looked at the numerous ...
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Cycles shadows different in live render and final render

I'm a beginner in blender and i can't figure out why the shadows in my scene are different in live render and final render. The shadows seem to be less pronounced in the final render. That makes it ...
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Create "Floor" plane in cycles?

I've got a scene that I've motion tracked and it seems to be working well. Then I used "Setup tracking scene" to create a cube layer, then a floor layer that would only exist to act as a shadow ...
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