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Work in 30 FPS then render in 60 [duplicate]

Say I have a project that I've done in 30 FPS. I now want to re render it for final use at 60 FPS to match my destination project (shot at 60fps). My current project (at 30FPS) is 2 seconds long. Of ...
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How do I animate time?

I have created a storyboard where I frequently switch between slow-motion and normal motion. The scene involves a particle system, several animated objects and an animated camera. How do I animate ...
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How to change the speed of an animation?

Okay so after looking around and not finding anything helpful on the matter, I'm going to ask here. Basically what I want to do is speed up my animation of my model walking. Right now it's 39 frames ...
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What settings do I change to render an animation of 60 fps instead of 24 fps for video editing?

I rendered an animation at 24 fps, but I need it at 60 fps for rendering. At 60 fps, it's going to take around 6 hours, so I don't want to mess anything up. How do I change the fps without changing ...
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Is there a way to "calculate" speed/duration for animation?

So this video of the burning earth is one of my first (Blender) videos. I had made the quite arbitrary choice to let the earth turn in 10 seconds. It seems a little too fast ? Is there a way to "...
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Increasing frame rate without speeding up the cloth simulation

I wanted to make my cloth animation less choppy, so I changed the frame rate of the whole scene from 30 to 60 fps: But that only increased the speed of the whole animation (the animation didn't ...
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Final video is faster than what I see in the viewport

I have a walk cycle that plays at correct speed in the 3D viewport. But after making a final video the video plays too fast. This fast speed happens whether I use FFmpeg or AVI jpeg. Nothing changes ...
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Offset in selecting frames on the timeline

My Dopesheet shows different frame to the one in timeline making such the whole project unsynced. I noticed that when passing the frames in Dopesheet when I select frame 24 it jumps to frame 26, ...
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Using a 30fps video in a 24fps animation?

I have a strange situation where I made an animation with a lot of precisely placed sound clips and couldn't figure out why my image texture (with video) and it's audio weren't in sync or playing the ...
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I'd like to speed up an animation, Changing FPS doesn't do anything

When I try to edit my FPS in my animation, it doesn't affect anything. The animation is very slow and I'd like to speed it up. If you need any files or such to help please ask! BTW: This happened when ...
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How to increase the time length of the animation without slowing it down?

I'm new to blender and have to make a 10-second animation of a walk cycle. The walk cycle I created only lasts for about 2 seconds. How would I be able to increase this to 10 seconds with it looping ...
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Reuse frames from normal speed animation to save time rendering slow motion

Let's assume I rendered an animation at 30 fps. Then I wanted to make it 60fps. How would I make a script to tell blender to render only the in between frames that haven't been rendered yet? I would ...
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How do I set FPS if I don't know what it is?

I recorded a video on my Galaxy Tab E 9.6" (a samsung tablet) and dragged it into the blender video editor. The properties of the video (on windows 8.1) says that it has a frame rate of 30 FPS. I set ...
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How do I remap the tracking of 60p footage to 24p project?

I've tracked some objects in 60p footage I shot (I did this to get subframe movements for motion blur that might just look a little more realistic, and for the extra accuracy) and objects in my scene ...
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Is there a way to automatically adjust keyframes to accommodate change in fps? [duplicate]

I have several animations that I would like to change from 30 to 60 fps and I'm wondering if there is a Blender tool or add-on that will proportionally adjust all the keyframes in a project to ...
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