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Object measurements are not the same

I am using Blender 2.79 and appended an object into the view port and its dimensions are all wrong. I am using feet for my units and made a cube that was 9 feet tall which gives the correct dimensions ...
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Difference between Transform: Scale and Transform: Dimensions

I'm very new to Blender, and I'm confused by scale and dimension. If I create a cube with the scene length unit set to inches, I get a 24" cube. It's 2m if I leave the default units. If I change ...
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Precise measurements not adding up to scale

I'm using blueprint data in conjunction with imperial units to, hopefully, create 3D models of machine parts, which I will later attempt to fit together. Beginning with an eccentric shaft, I input ...
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Beveling 4 edges of a cube to make a nut/bolt head

I've done this before and it worked fine, now I don't know if I've hit a key by accident and changed something but it won't work now. This is done using CTRL+B after selecting the 4 edges around the ...
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Ruler disagrees with vertices

I select a point in edit mode, and it gives me some reasonable xyz Vertex values in the "Transform" area (for example 955, -455, 100). I select another point and I also get reasonable values (for ...
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Changing dimensions of a Child

I have this sphere with dimensions and scale as below How can I set the dimensions at x = 12.720m y = 12.756m and z = 12.756m and the scales at x = 0.997 y = 1.000 and z = 1.000 I have been trying ...
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Why is size different in Measure than in Transform

I am designing element to 3D print. I want sizes to be equal on x and y axes, like a circle or pipe so to say. This is what one can see when I place the points, the correct and desired distance is ...
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Dimension issue

why for this hexagon to be symmetric, the x and y dimensions have to be 2,1 of difference? If I enter the same value for both x and y, the hexagon looses its symmetry: Rotating the hexagon, things ...
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Why there is difference in the measurement

With the Measure tool i have draw the line to measure the model. It shows 6.03. Where as in the N panel under dimensions in the z axis it shows 5.18. Why there is difference in the measurement I ...
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How to figure "Array" modifier offset when using "Subdivision" modifier as well?

First of all, I’ve seen how using the Subdivision Surface modifier on a cylinder will shrink the radius. But, the Transform pane shows the actual, new dimensions, so it’s easy to fix: type the ...
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Place objects in an obj scene, with real dimensions

I've got a mesh of my living room and I'm trying to add some furnitures in the scene, in a very basic way: a furniture is represented as a box. But I want to have exact proportions for each furniture ...
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Trying to understand how Blender works with Measurements

I have been told that in 3D Modeling there are 2 general methods Artistic and the Engineering. The Artistic method is where the Modeler worries more about how the final project looks good. The ...
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Scaling so that the distances from the center are the same? [duplicate]

when I scale a face, it is scaled propotionally. But how can I scale it, so that the two distances that I marked here: are the same? thx
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I put solidify to one layer and thickess are different depends on area [duplicate]

I have aplied one solidify modifier to give thickness to one layer. but strangely one area has thicker solidify effect and other area very thin even though it's in same object. Souldn't be thickness ...
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