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Edges measurement - tool vs edges [duplicate]

I'm really confused about the way measurements are displayed in Blender. At first, I was using the Measure tool from the toolbar, which seem to show the right sizes, but at some random point, ...
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Why is my lenght in Array Mod not matching up with Transform Menu in 3d veiw? [duplicate]

Made array of boards..wanted a Spec length of 24" in Array with a 1/2 gap. Array did not work(?) Entered 24" in my Transform Menu but my array length box = 60" x = 48" y = 24" ...
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Can somebody explain how is this a square? [duplicate]

I have a wall that I am trying to add a window to, according to the coordinates and the edge lengths this is suppose to be a square, am I missing something essential in Blender settings because it ...
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measurement doesn't match [duplicate]

I'm pretty new to blender. I can't explain what's happenin, but look. Visualy longer edge is (according to blender) much shorter (83mm) than visualy shorter edge(4628mm). What may be helpful is that ...
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Extruding two objects the exact same amount but the results are different [duplicate]

Please see the images. I extruded two planes each exactly 1 metre along local Z (mannually typed in -1 in the panel), but the resulting extrusion amounts are very different Both planes before ...
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Displayed dimensions of the edges are different than in object mode [duplicate]

Just a beginner question here about dimensions. As an exercise I wanted to create a house and started with a block. The block was supposed to be 20m long, 3m high and 6m deep. I entered these values ...
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Height in Object mode does not match the height in edit mode? [duplicate]

I wanted to simply create a cylinder with height of 1cm and a radius of 10cm. So I set the corresponding scales in the toolbar: After that I went into edit mode, I enabled the edge length overlay ...
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Measurement and dimension is off [duplicate]

My object measures 300 mm high but in the dimensions it is registering at 151mm. how do I make them matchup? why are they different?
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Why is it important to apply transformation to an objects data?

I've watched several tutorials and very often they applied the location, rotation or scale to the object when they transformed it in Object Mode. They always said it is important, but why?
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First time using bevel tool, doesn't bevel evenly. What am i doing wrong? [duplicate]

First off I'll let you know I'm a total noob at blender I've used 3ds Max up until this point, but the company I'm working for at the moment needs me to use blender so I'm trying to make the ...
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How to measure face size in meters, centimeters or any units which is set?

How can I measure the size of a face in edit mode?
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How to find out the size of a face

Ok, I downloaded a 3ds model from a videogame and I was asking how to find out the size of a face: Here the model: Here the face that I want to find the size: I barely know how to use the program......
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difference between dimension and scale in blender

First time in metric system and I can't figure out what is the dimension in blender, first of all the scale of a cube is one and the dimension is 2: scaling the edge of only one edge up in edit mode ...
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How do I make blender use precise measurements for scale?

I am looking at several objects in my viewport and all of them are of different sizes. For example, a new mesh cube has sides that are 2 meters (I already set the units to metric) However, when I ...
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Proportional individual inset

I've been following this tutorial: youtube /watch?v=3jJGBzAxXKo At the 5:10 mark, the guy insets multiple faces along individual origins at the same time to create windows. His turn out ...
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