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Model from Sketchup to Blender [duplicate]

A collegue of mine has created a model with SketchUp and I want to import it into blender now. He created several formats from the model(*.3ds, *.dae, *.obj) which I can import. However, I always do ...
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Extrude precision [duplicate]

I'm trying to extrude faces in a precise amount, I tried doing so using Extrude -> Right click, and then Alt + S, and hitting 0.3 (for 30 cm), the offset number seems right, but the amount of ...
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Wrong X coordinate with the local coordinate system? [duplicate]

I would like a little bit of help with Blender 2.8. I don't know why the X coordinate of the highlighted vertex is -2 in the local coordinate system ? I think it should be something like -3.4 ? Y and ...
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Inconsistent Edge Length in Blender 2.9 [duplicate]

Summary of Issue: The Edge Lengths are inconsistently displayed on an obviously square object. Issue Detail: I'm still quite new to Blender. Iam busy creating door frames using Cube, boolean ...
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The width and height of the plane does not correlate with the displayed units [duplicate]

I cannot figure out how the blender unit is working. The width and height of the plane does not correlate with the displayed units. How is this possible ? Here is a screenshot of my work.
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Why the dimension and edge length numbers does not tally when scaling objects? [duplicate]

I created a plane and set its dimensions to 32m x 4.5m. When using the edge length measurement tool, it shows 1m for every edge ...
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Ruler/protractor reports doubled measure [duplicate]

Blender 2.79. I draw a cube entering the measures manually as scale values. Then if I select the Ruler/Protractor tool, I see a measure that is the double value against the entered value. Why?
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Why does Extrude and Inset not use the same measuring units? [duplicate]

Hello there Community, I'm modeling a simple blocky logo and want to inset and then extrude by exactly the same amount, but this doesn't happen. When I inset a face by 0.00115... and extrude then by -...
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Accuracy of Edge length measurements [duplicate]

I've been trying to modell with some accuracy using Blender 2.8 using the Edge Length under Viewport Overlays > Measurements. However I've noticed that the ...
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Which is the true size? [duplicate]

Why is it that when I create an object with numbers in transforms, everything is 2m? I want to model based on real world dimensions and this confuses me.
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ruler shows way higher value than n>mesh display>edge info>Length. how to fix? [duplicate]

i made an model which i wanted to 3d print. for editing i used n>mesh display>edge info>Length. when i exported it into an stl and tryed to import my model into another program it showd that my obj ...
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Viewing camera shows distorted geometry [duplicate]

I am modeling a building in blender and I have this strange problem with my viewing camera. The geometry seems like it has been scaled down for the Y axis. I measured a 2 vertices relative to a point ...
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How to measure edges? [duplicate]

Using blender 2.82a. Current documentation states to enable "Edge Length" in the overlay options. Doing so and selecting an edge always shows 2m or 6.56' (depending on units selected) regardless of ...
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Why is it not showing the correct measurement? [duplicate]

Newbie here learning Blender. Could someone point out what i have done wrong? the measurement unit is not showing the correct measurement of the object, the width of the box is suppose to be 180mm ...
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Confusing numbers when extruding [duplicate]

Suppose I have a cube such as this: This is a cube of 10x10x10 cm. I go into Edit Mode to extrude and then: It says 1.27m but the cube isn't that high even after the extrude it wouldn't be this high....
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