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How to add good light to surrounding to get a best result

I wanna know is there any addon to get a perfect result for my model with lighting. Adjusting the lamp here and there and increase and decrease the light not get much good result. I have added HDRI ...
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Blender Exposure not affecting output on OpenEXR File

So I'm using this physicall starlight & atmosphere addon, a wonderful addon, but it requires to change blender's addon to -6 to look good. I'm working on VFX industry, so i need to renderout ...
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How to get the exact color as output that we are looking for?

I have been learning Blender recently. And I have understood that lighting plays an important role in getting the exact shade of color that we want. But I am still not clear on how to achieve this. ...
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Worse Megascans lighting compared to Unreal Engine

I'm starting to learn Concept Art, creating my own scenes and so on. Of first I started using Unreal due to the conection it has with Quixel Megascans, being those free when used with Unreal. But then ...
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Value ranges from the compositor

As far as I know, in the compositor, yellow sockets are for images, gray sockets are for values, purple sockets are for vectors. From this, however, I cannot know the ranges of these values. In ...
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What type of normal and specular map nodes is correct for these textures

I am creating a plugin to import some model files from a game to blender, with all the textures and materials created automatically. I am creating a principled bsdf node from python and assign ...
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Glow effect with multiple render layers not working

I'm trying to composite 2 layers with different colours, each with a glow effect. Unfortunately, when I combine them it produces a render that is way too bright and drowns out the colours of each ...
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Sources for filmic blender

I want to implement something like "Filmic Blender" in GLSL. Thus I need the LUT and/or transfer functions in human readable format. Where can I find this. Update: I have found that there are two ...
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