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Glass render problem

I am trying to render a lightbulb in cycles. I am still very new to this, but I cannot get the material correct and it is bugging me. I have the IOR at 1.5. I also set the film to transparent, but ...
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How to mix a jpeg background image with a 3D scene generated using Filmic Blender?

I want to compose 3D-model over image, and I use filmic to get more suitable result. But I want the background image to remain in the original colors. So I try to use this setting: but it haven't ...
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Changing colours precisely, procedurally

I assumed this had been asked before but can't find anything that does what I need. I have an image texture (a png) which uses 18 different colours. I want to be able to use the shader editor to ...
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convert OpenEXR float to color value

I am exporting a scene to OpenEXR multichannel (with no compression and FULL format) and read it back using Python. Here is the code ...
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Why does the saturation get stronger in darker areas of a cycles render?

I'm rendering a cube with a single light-source with the standard white/grey diffuse-shader and therefore getting a picture with values-only and then multiplying a color on the image, the color on the ...
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How can I create a silhouette using HDR in cycles?

In real life, when taking pictures with a bright background the object you are looking at becomes mostly black. How can I get this effect in Blender? I would like the monkey to become a silhouette ...
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How do you make an image emission without washing out the image?

I am trying to make a computer monitor. This means I have to have an image texture for the screen. My image texture is currently connected to an Emission BSDF shader. Unfortunately, when the emission ...
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How to add ambient light when using cycles render?

There seems to be an "environment lighting" setting when in Blender render, but there does not seem to be anything equivalent in Cycles. Currently, the rendering of my scene just looks grey, even ...
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