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What type of normal and specular map nodes is correct for these textures

I am creating a plugin to import some model files from a game to blender, with all the textures and materials created automatically. I am creating a principled bsdf node from python and assign ...
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Modelling in separate pieces VS one object

Starting situation: Creating (nearly) Photorealistic renders. Question: How do I correctly model for photorealistic renders (for applying shaders)? My Approach: Using a Primitive and model it by ...
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Sources for filmic blender

I want to implement something like "Filmic Blender" in GLSL. Thus I need the LUT and/or transfer functions in human readable format. Where can I find this. Update: I have found that there are two ...
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Preserving HDR information in EXR output from Blender in a 8-bit PNG? [closed]

The only way to get the full dynamic range out in a render or bake is to save it as an EXR float from Blender. Not even saving 16-Bit PNG float will keep all the information in the highlights in ...
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Highlight compression (Blender/Cycles)

Does anyone have a smooth way of highlight compression in the Blender/Cycles settings, or in Compositor? The only compressor i have found so far is the Tonemap-Node in Compositor, and i find its ...
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How to get a correct natural illuminance while preserving the physics correctness of the lights

I read Cycles sun is physically correct (radiant flux at sea-level is 1050 W/m² according to this source). With a clear sky luminous efficacy of 100 lm/W, this should, with the support of a World ...
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Shadow very suppressed in compositor when goes against background

For some reason my render in the compositor is all weird. Here's the problem: the background is not completely white and the shadows get suppressed. If I render everything without the background ...
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Color Management in Blender [duplicate]

Till now I rendered my images and took them to Photoshop and did some color corrections there. Made aware of Color Management options in Blender by Rick's answer on this question I am now diving ...
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Importing a standard color into blender (gamma correction issue?)

I'm having issues with rendering exact colors. So I'm working on an archviz project and there are certain objects that require a specified standard color. Basically the color on render has to match ...
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Color looks mouch more saturated when in shadow

I'm trying to setup kitchen scene. Currently playing with colors of the cabinets. Scene is lighted through the windows (visible in reflections above), no indoor lighting yet. I feel like color of ...
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Background color is not the exact color I set

When rendering the background color is not the exact color that I set under the world settings. Does anyone know why is this happening?
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How can I make this light more realistic?

I need to know how to make this lighting more realistic. I'm using three objects for the light, the uppermost object having an emission node turned way up. This obviously does not look realistic.
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Worse Megascans lighting compared to Unreal Engine

I'm starting to learn Concept Art, creating my own scenes and so on. Of first I started using Unreal due to the conection it has with Quixel Megascans, being those free when used with Unreal. But then ...
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Value ranges from the compositor

As far as I know, in the compositor, yellow sockets are for images, gray sockets are for values, purple sockets are for vectors. From this, however, I cannot know the ranges of these values. In ...
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Glow effect with multiple render layers not working

I'm trying to composite 2 layers with different colours, each with a glow effect. Unfortunately, when I combine them it produces a render that is way too bright and drowns out the colours of each ...
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