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Video format/encoder settings that don't destroy image?

I'm trying to render video of something where the individual pixel color matters. I need whatever format and encoder I use to preserve the basic colors as much as possible. All of the formats in ...
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Color Management in Blender [duplicate]

Till now I rendered my images and took them to Photoshop and did some color corrections there. Made aware of Color Management options in Blender by Rick's answer on this question I am now diving ...
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How do I work with grayscale?

I would like to work with greyscale like this photo. I have a landscape and models. What should I do first?
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How to add ambient light when using cycles render?

There seems to be an "environment lighting" setting when in Blender render, but there does not seem to be anything equivalent in Cycles. Currently, the rendering of my scene just looks grey, even ...
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Glossy Shader not working to create realistic texture as I wanted it too

I'm trying to use the glossy shader to create that realistic effect on real world objects, but it seems as though if the glossy shader is not working as I please. This is what it looks like: I'm ...
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Make the flame of a candle more yellow

Here is what I have so far: The issue is The candle looks like a light bulb... when I tried to make it more yellow via RGB Curves the whole thing got more yellow: Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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Why would I use the "Film Emulation" feature?

From what I can tell, this setting alters the exposure and other parameters to simulate a specific film, however why is this any better than exporting a file format that supports high dynamic range (<...
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Emission shader color saturation clipping

I stumbled on a trick that while working on one project that will help me with another, but I am not sure why it works. When I set the color of an emission shader to a saturation of 1 the shader ...
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