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Glass render problem

I am trying to render a lightbulb in cycles. I am still very new to this, but I cannot get the material correct and it is bugging me. I have the IOR at 1.5. I also set the film to transparent, but ...
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How do you make an image emission without washing out the image?

I am trying to make a computer monitor. This means I have to have an image texture for the screen. My image texture is currently connected to an Emission BSDF shader. Unfortunately, when the emission ...
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How to make 3D LUTs and use them in Blender?

Now that I understand a little bit more about how to work with Wide Dynamic Range workflow , scene referred datas and OPS(ASC CDL) node, I'm asking myself how to go further and create my own 3D LUT ...
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How can I create a silhouette using HDR in cycles?

In real life, when taking pictures with a bright background the object you are looking at becomes mostly black. How can I get this effect in Blender? I would like the monkey to become a silhouette ...
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What is the the ASC-CDL node?

The color balance node in the compositor can be switched to use the ASC CDL How is it used? How is this different from Lift/Gamma/Gain? How do the Offset, Power, Slope options affect the image?
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How to measure the dynamic range of an HDRi?

In this question the issue of photorealistic images and the need of a Wide Dynamic Range is discussed. Rendering with a wider dynamic range to produce photorealistic looking images will need high ...
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Make texture visible in sunlight

I would like to make my textures visible in sunlight. I adjusted the exposure but that didn't help: Right now when sunlight hits my textures they turn white. I want to be able to see the texture even ...
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Make the flame of a candle more yellow

Here is what I have so far: The issue is The candle looks like a light bulb... when I tried to make it more yellow via RGB Curves the whole thing got more yellow: Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
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Changing colours precisely, procedurally

I assumed this had been asked before but can't find anything that does what I need. I have an image texture (a png) which uses 18 different colours. I want to be able to use the shader editor to ...
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How to mix a jpeg background image with a 3D scene generated using Filmic Blender?

I want to compose 3D-model over image, and I use filmic to get more suitable result. But I want the background image to remain in the original colors. So I try to use this setting: but it haven't ...
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Color Management. What is the difference between display device, view transform and sequencer?

All these settings are found in the color management section. I hear that filmic is the best to use, and it has filmic default for the view transform. But under sequencer sRGB is default. Under ...
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Increase brightness of HDR to light the scene, but keeping the background at a lower exposure

I have a scene in which I am using an HDRI texture as a light source. However, I am also trying to use it as a background, but when I turn up the strength of the sky it just turns white. I am ...
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Does Blender have a histogram?

I'd like to be able to tell where—and by how much—a highlight is blowing out without having to render, go into Photoshop, back into Blender, turn my lamp down, render etc etc. So I'm wondering, is ...
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Realistic rendering of mesh together with image?

Apologies for this possibly too vague question, but are there some general guidelines to follow when rendering artificial 3D meshes together with an imported 2D image as the background? In the ...
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How to add ambient light when using cycles render?

There seems to be an "environment lighting" setting when in Blender render, but there does not seem to be anything equivalent in Cycles. Currently, the rendering of my scene just looks grey, even ...
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