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How to place a .png texture with transparency over a material

I am trying to create a low poly face with a face from a .png file. The issue is I already have material placed for hair and skin, as shown in the picture below. I have created a .png file with a ...
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Texture with transparency becomes black [duplicate]

I made a png file in Photoshop that only has R/G/B/A channel like this: Then I'm going to use this as my texture in Blender in shader editor: The final result is like this all black, where the text ...
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How to overlay one texture on another one? [duplicate]

Hi guys I have a problem. I want to project logo bumped texture on other shadder within the same material. But in the end my background material (concrete) becomes transparent (cus of alpha chanel of ...
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How to mix textures with colour? [duplicate]

I am attempting to add a logo to a metal material. Unfortunately, when I render it, it has no color. I fed the metal shader and the logo's image texture to a mix shader. Then I used the same image ...
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How can i apply a PNG logo on my material? [duplicate]

I have a project with a material I want to add to my sphere. I want to add this logo onto the sphere. I have tried various ways of uv mapping but I keep messing up :/ This is my current material ...
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simulate gold foil sticker on glass [duplicate]

wise Blender-World folks, I'd like to do a proper simulation of gold foil stickers on glasses (like a decorated long-drink glass). I am pretty sure about pictures with transparency and stuff that ...
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How do I layer images in the shader editor? [duplicate]

I'm coloring a character model in texture paint mode. There are two images: One for the base color and one for the secondary colors. I'm treating these images as if they were layers with a MixRGB node....
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Remove background colour from material [duplicate]

I want to have my material base colour a transparent to let the image below show through. At the moment highlited with pink circles the colour is black. I am adding an image texture to the material ...
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Why UVmapping shows in black with no color [duplicate]

i'm new in Blender. Can you guyz help me. I'm putting UVmapping to Lego character face. But the red and white color not appearing. Only black color just Like this. Can you guyz tell me how to show in ...
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UV Mapping Transparent Images onto a Model, Blender 2.8Beta! [duplicate]

So I am currently trying to figure our how I can take my Logo, and put it across a cube on one face. I want the Cube to be gold. and my label lay across it while allowing the gold to appear through. ...
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How to add a pattern from a 2D image on a 3D object? [duplicate]

I am new to blender. I have a 3D object that are made from an SVG file. I want to know how to apply an image to said object. To act like a skin for said 3D object. This is the same as creating a ...
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PNG transparency shadow issue for graphics on a coffee mug [duplicate]

After finally figuring out how to apply a transparent PNG only to specific faces of a mesh, I spent forever trying to figure out why I was getting a shadow and finally realized it was because my ...
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Is there a way to combine two png images at shader editor? [duplicate]

Is there a some trick to combine two png images at shader editor with same behavior as Alpha Over Node in Compositor. I am familiar with MixRGB node and the fact that factor can be used to mix colors ...
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Black turns transparent in Blender texture [duplicate]

My texture has some black text (on right side of picture,) and also a transparent background. But the text also is transparent?!? Plus I must keep the text black. Picture: Please help.
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how to add a logo on top of texture [duplicate]

I created a t shirt and I applied normal maps and displacements to make it look more like a cotton but what i wanna do now is i wanna add a logo on the chest. How can I do it? Thank you alot for any ...
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