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How to run a Python script without locking Blender?

By default a long running script will lock Blender, and using threads isn't currently well supported. How can a Python script run, (that has access to the Scene data ...
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Receive Serial Data in Background

i have a hardware with some keys and i want control some objects in blender with those keys. for example if i pushed #1 key... camera rotate 1 degree i can send, receive and move objects but my ...
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Sound real-time spectral analysis frequency peaks

Is there a way to analyze a sound file in blender (preferably in real-time) to identify the peak frequencies so that I can map certain frequencies to certain object attributes (e.g. material color)? ...
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I have to run a for loop in blender, but screen is not being updated

import bpy from time import sleep x = 1 for x in range(10): ... print("Done") ... sleep(1) If run this script, the blender hangs for a while and ...
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How to access the bundled Python executable for subprocess in Blender scripts?

There is now a python executable in the blender install folder, It's clearly said that it was included for subprocesses purposes (here : But how can we access it ...
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Unable to store renderings in OpenEXR when using the multiprocessing in Python (Blender freezes) [closed]

I am trying to render depth maps and surface Normals using Cycles and store the results in OpenEXR format using nodes. I make a Blender class and set up the nodes as follow using Blender's Python API: ...
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alternatives for operator's report() function?

it seems that the report() function of Operator type lets all other routines finish before it actually reports. this makes it useless in many instances: for example, when reporting progress on baking ...
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Python: display a string from childprocess in blender interface

I am making an addon to launch background rendering in GUI. I want to use subprocess.Popen to execute blender with ...
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Is there a good way to visualize progress for the end user?

I'm currently working on an addon that renders animations at many different angles. Think isometric sprites. Currently Blender just hangs while it's doing its work. Is there a loading bar, or some ...
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Plot graphs and play animation with bpy or bge

I want to capture emg signals and through a dll plot a graph in blender and run animations in a virtual arm(based on certain values dll). Should I use Blender Game Engine (using bge) or just run a ...
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modeling in blender by taking input from wireless media controlled by autonomous system

anybody knows how to take command from wireless media like xbee modules and according to that command modeling is done without human intervention. I have one xbee module on a micro-controller ...
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Interrupt script from gui button

I would like with python blender, a Gui with two buttons one to enter a forever loop, and an other to break the loop. I'm afraid that when the loop runs the pause button will be unresponsive. I ...
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Can I use code in Cycles Mode that will run my human baby AI?

I'm creating a real learning human baby in Blender Cycles. To create the "brain" or "AI" I must of course use code. But, can I run code in Cycles mode? I don't want to be in BGE mode. P.S. I don't ...
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