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I'm trying to create a herringbone pattern that will wrap around a cylinder. I'm assuming that there's a way to do this using the brick texture node but I can't work out how to alternate and/or ...
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How do I create repeating patterns with cycles' procedural textures

Most people's question in this area is how to reduce repeating patterns, however I want to create them. I'm creating 2d rendered tiles for my game, and I want to create procedural materials for my ...
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How to pixelate a texture in Cycles?

I've been creating various camouflage patterns using Cycles material nodes. Now I want to create a digital camouflage pattern like the one below. My first thought was to pixelate a noise pattern. I'...
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Procedural polka dot pattern with cycles

I would like to generate a polka dot pattern using material nodes. In the meantime I found this script which seems to achieve exactly what I want. However, when I create a script node, link to the ...
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is it possible to distort a voronoi texture like the wave textures distortion slider?

I want to distort a voronoi texture in a similar way to how the wave texture's distortion feature does, but there isn't any kind of built in slider for this like there is with the wave texture. Is ...
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noise texture Projecting outward from center point

While usinging shader nodes, I am trying to make a noise texture on a plane, start from the middle and project radially so when I shrink the necessary xyz, I can turn the noise into lines.
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Rotationally stretch or compress 3D texture around Z axis

I want to distort a 3D texture around the Z axis in Cycles. I found here that you can convert cartesian texture coortinates to polar coordinates but the problem is that you end up with a projected 2D ...
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V shaped gradient texture - Car Livery

I am working on a livery of F1 car (it's my first project after tutorials) and want to achieve a V-shaped car livery like on this photo: I created a gradient texture with texture coordinate on an ...
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Seamless Procedural Texture in Polar Coordinates

I've written a Cycles node tree to convert rectangular (X,Y) to polar coordinates (R,theta) as the basis for a procedural texture with radial symmetry. However, there is a seam in the texture where ...
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Repeat a generated texture in Blender 2.91 [duplicate]

I made a nice-looking tile texture: Now I want to repeat it on x and y axes. Is there any easy way to do it? .blend file
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Creating a flowing effect with Cycles noise [duplicate]

I've got a Cycles noise node and would like to give it a flowing effect. This is kind of what I mean: I achieved this by sliding the noise distortion back and forth. The problem is that the result ...
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