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Emission does not show light haze with Cycles [duplicate]

I was trying to create a self-luminate ball with Cycles as renderer, however when I linked an Emission node to the Surface, the ball just showed nothing. I added a plane beside it, there is light on ...
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How to make sunbeams in blender?

I was working on a something and I thought, wouldn't sunbeams look great with this. So I searched in google and everywhere but didn't find any answer. So my question is how to make sunbeams in blender?...
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Creating volumetric lighting (crepuscular rays) in Cycles

Crepuscular rays (a.k.a. "god rays" and many other names) can be created in Blender Internal by checking the Halo checkbox in the lamp properties box. How can I create a similar effect using Cycles?
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How to do volumetric lighting for a forest scene?

I have scene that looks like this: And I want to add volumetric lighting to it so that light forms a rays of light when it go through the trees like on this example that I found in youtube: But the ...
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Laser beam through fog

I am modeling a laser light in Blender, but I am not sure how to get the results i wish to have. The result should look like the Picture:
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Why doesn't an Environment texture appear when the world has a Volume Scatter shader?

I'm working on lighting a scene in which I need to have both an Environment texture for the background and Volume Scatter for light cones, but when I check the volume section in World setting and ...
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How can I make a simple volumetric light on Cycles?

I'm trying to do a volumetric light on Cycles, and I've followed tutorials, but nothing has worked yet. How can I make a proper volumetric light in Blender, like the following one? But to leave the ...
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Volume Scatter in World makes the sky turn black [duplicate]

While using the "Volume Scatter" option in Blender the Background turns Black. (I am using Blender 2.79). Here is my issue in detail. The first image below shows a normal scene with Blue sky (Set ...
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Volumetric Spot Light with Cycles

I'm using blender 2.76 rc1 with an AMD Raedon HD 7900 series, I'd like to create a volumetric spot light with cycles render. I set the volume scatter (density 0.1) in volume and mist pass in world, ...
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Volume scatter makes the render image and render view entirely black

I want to use fog in blender cycles, but I don't understand the mist thing (I am a beginner). I have seen a tutorial on YouTube about volume scatter, but when I apply it, the render view and the ...
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How do volume shaders interact with light?

In this answer I would like to understand What does it mean in Node Editor that light will interact with volume? I would like to see a few pictures showing the difference/meaning.
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Volumetric Lighting not showing very well

I'm making an old dusty attic render and I've come across a bit of a problem. (Or several) I'm using 300 samples and the Denoiser, and as you can see in the following picture the rays are not showing ...
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How to setup correctly the spot lamp

Can someone give to me any suggestion to set up correctly the spot lamp ? I would like that the light is like the one that you see on the last attached picture. I watched a tutorial,I tried different ...
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How do I make sunlight emit between clouds? [duplicate]

Many tutorials show how to make mist and have light go through a window and it's pretty straightforward, however, what puzzles me is how do you do that when you emit beams of light between clouds? ...
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Why there is no light coming inside from the window

I have made the model with Archimesh addon. I want light should produce voulmetric type from the window inside the room. I have used spot as light source and strength as 100 default. But there is no ...
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