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I sent my friend a blender model but textures aren't showing up? [duplicate]

Okay so I made a model for a friend to teach them how to use blender but the textures aren't appearing as their model is hot pink/blank. I sent the model and textured files inside a zip file but it's ...
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How can I create a silhouette using HDR in cycles?

In real life, when taking pictures with a bright background the object you are looking at becomes mostly black. How can I get this effect in Blender? I would like the monkey to become a silhouette ...
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Green color wash over render output when rendered on server

When I render my project locally, it get the following desired result: When rendering on an Amazon server though, I get this greenish result: This is not observed in a simple test scene containing ...
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Realistic rendering of mesh together with image?

Apologies for this possibly too vague question, but are there some general guidelines to follow when rendering artificial 3D meshes together with an imported 2D image as the background? In the ...
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UV map / model turned black on saving - how to recover?

In the middle of touching up a new texture, I pressed save and suddenly my textures all turned black on the model and UV texture - just vanished. I tried reopening the file in another instance of ...
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How to totally save a self-contained Blender object to ensure no data is lost?

From reading questions like this, it seems that saving a .blend file does not actually save everything in it. What settings do I need to apply so that Blender always totally saves the file every time ...
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How can i apply a PNG logo on my material? [duplicate]

I have a project with a material I want to add to my sphere. I want to add this logo onto the sphere. I have tried various ways of uv mapping but I keep messing up :/ This is my current material ...
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Cycles Material "Texture missing" in render?

I spent hours on creating a background with matte textures. No problem, they show up in the Material and the Texture view: Everything works. Solid view: Now I tried to render it and got this: ...
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How can I "pack" an image sequence?

I'm using an online renderfarm to get something rendered out, and one of the textures in my scene is using an image sequence. I can't pack this in the traditional way, so I thought I could put the ...
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Pack external data?

I checked pack all into .blend to send a friend the file. But when he opened it he couldn't load background image. How to pack everything into blend file so that will be possible?
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Can you email a blender model from one device and open it on another?

I created a chair model in blender on my MacBook Pro in hopes of using it on unity, which is the VR development software. My unity though is downloaded onto another device and I want to send my model ...
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Cannot see background image after reopening the blender file

I after reopening by blender file I cannot see the placed background image. You can see the screen capture for reference. I made sure I am not in perspective view, but that does not help. I would ...
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Why did my tracks disappear?

I shift-clicked the X, next to the F for saving a data block; did I just erase all the info from the solve? I thought the tracking info was linked to the Camera, ...
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Lost image used for modeling. Now I get pink [duplicate]

I was modeling a character head from an image background and have lost my image since I moved the blender file to another location . what do I do to make it come back instead of the pink colored area ...
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