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Render with a wider dynamic range in cycles to produce photorealistic looking images

To get images that seem more photorealistic, not only a much wider Dynamic Range is needed, but also having the color information desaturate towards white as it would happen in an overexposed ...
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Glass render problem

I am trying to render a lightbulb in cycles. I am still very new to this, but I cannot get the material correct and it is bugging me. I have the IOR at 1.5. I also set the film to transparent, but ...
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How do you make an image emission without washing out the image?

I am trying to make a computer monitor. This means I have to have an image texture for the screen. My image texture is currently connected to an Emission BSDF shader. Unfortunately, when the emission ...
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How do you make a lamp light up glossy surfaces?

Working on a candle project to practice: Under the 'world' properties I have turned the strength down to 0 (thus making it pitch black). I then added a lamp to the workspace and adjust its strength ...
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How to make objects "look bright" with a haze of light?

I can make objects that emit light, but they never "look bright." I want my lights to look like this: However, what I make looks like this: This is the node setup: There's no haze of light around ...
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How do I light up a dark scene correctly in Cycles?

How can I light up a dark scene correctly in Cycles, so it looks as in a dark room with only one light (as a lamp, for example)
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Using an Emission shader with textures without affecting the color of the mesh?

I am using an image texture node as input to the emission node's color (basically, the texture controls the color of the emission). Unfortunately, when I turn up the brightness of the emission node, ...
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How can I have a strong emission object without it turning white?

For my project, I need a light source with powerful light, and I need it to take a shape, or at least appear to. Currently I have this : This is emitting teal-ish light, but with the perfect strength ...
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How to create a fake fire/flame?

I'm attempting to fake a couple flames on some candles. Since my scene is already pretty intensive, I think that doing a fire simulation would just add more to render times. Trying to use a ...
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Increasing Emission without Increasing Brightness [duplicate]

How would I go about increasing the strength/distance of an Emission texture without the texture getting brighter in Blender Cycles? Lets say I take the following ...
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How to get candle flame

Using the fire simulation, I want to create a candle flame. What settings should I use for this? I'm bit confused: the flame goes up or gives extra fire. I'm getting a circular effect at the bottom ...
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How to achieve softer and more realistic lighting from a chandelier? [closed]

I created a crystal chandelier and wanted to use it to light up my scene, but I'm not getting the results I wanted. I want to achieve a more reflective and softer lightning. Now you can see the ...
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How do I achieve an image lit by candle light?

I've put together my best candle from following a youtube video. But at the end, they just skip the lighting and show the picture, which means I have no idea what to do next! Here's the final image ...
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Noisy pixelated lightbulb filament emitter

I've been trying to model a vintage light bulb, but the filament seems to produce a lot of noise and result in a pixelated render. I think it has something to do with the glass material, since the ...
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How to make a light emitting material sensitive to external light

Essentially I want to turn a material into a kind of night-light. For this character I'm working on, I wanted the crystals on him to glow in the dark... And I got them to glow using various shader ...
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