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render on a transparent background (volume is almost invisible) [duplicate]

I ran into a problem. If I render on a transparent background, then the output volume is almost invisible. As you can see, the fire after the render almost disappears. :( That is, I try to get the ...
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Strugging to render my fire animation with Alpha/Transparency correctly [duplicate]

i've made a little fire animation using the particle system that i'm happy with, but i'm really struggling to output it correctly as a 4second .Mov with alpha/transparency enabled so i can import it ...
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Why does rendered fire on transparent background look different than on preview? [duplicate]

Why does rendered fire on transparent background look different than on preview? Preview: Render with transparent background: It seems that the flame loses its red color in my final render, But ...
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Glowing smoke material in cycles? [duplicate]

Wrapping up my Genji Ult project! I have the materials, the animations, and the particles down! The only thing I need to do now is to add the smoke like substance that comes off of the dragon! It ...
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Transparency shader causing problems (Viewport render different than final render) [duplicate]

I've set up a shader to render a fire/explosion looking material, which ended up quite good when rendering in the viewport. When I hit the render button it looks completely different and I am ...
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Fire not showing up when I make the background transparent [duplicate]

I cant figure out why the fire disappears when I switch to a transparent background with cycles.
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Rendering gives me a black screen [duplicate]

In the past this was due to still having an image strip within the Video Sequencer Editor, but this time that's no longer the case. I'm not sure what's happened to cause this, but whenever I try to ...
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Render semi-transparent volume with cycles

I want to render an image of a fire in cycles, but as a png with a transparent background. Without a transparent background, the output image looks like this: But as soon as I tick the "Transparent" ...
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Transparent Image different in viewport than render

Bit of an issue here, trying to render this glass scene Looks fine in the viewport, but when I hit render Does anyone know the cause of different view port and final render, and how to fix it? Here'...
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how to render volume as image with alpha background?

I have a problem when I render this (using f12 ) node tree on my object in blender cycle I get nothing I tried to render another things and I get a results but with this node tree in my screen shot I ...
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Bloom effect with a transparent background?

I'm trying to use this render as an overlay on an image in Photoshop. I tested blend modes in photoshop, but didn't get the result I was looking for. When I set the alpha to transparency in the scene ...
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Glare and transparency [duplicate]

So I did add Glare in Compositing mode and when I render, it works as it should. But when I try to render it with transparent background, it's not working. Why?
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Blender 2.83.4 Eevee viewport color and rendered color are different with transparency

Having an issue with rendering png, movie files or any render with transparency. What I want from the Eevee display viewport render and actually rendering the animation or screen render give me ...
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Can't render fire effect on transparent background [duplicate]

I am trying to render a fire effect on a transparent background for a PNG sequence (Cycles). I'd like to add it to a video in After Effects. 2 problems I'm experiencing: renders always on black ...
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Cycles: object is invisible if Shader Add uses 2 Transparent Shaders

I'm creating ice material, and it works fine, but only in viewport or with background (i.e. disabled Transparent in render). Here is my Nodes with result in the ...
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