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Unable to identify frame for cut in VSE - Bug?

in addition to my other question, I have another problem with the Video Sequence Editor in Blender. I am editing a screen capture, where I need to identify that one frame in which a window disappears....
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How to Enable Frame Blending in Blender 2.74?

I can't find the option that supposedly existed in Blender 2.49: "Enable Frame Blending". Does anyone know where it is, or where is its analog? I shot a sunset - 30 minute video I want to turn to 10 ...
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Interlaced footage in the motion tracker?

Blender seems to be interlacing my footage in the tracker/video editor, but nowhere else does it look like that, even if I make blender render it through the sequence editor. This footage is ...
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Audio and video segments are not the same length [duplicate]

I have a bunch of videos recorded from a Samsung Galaxy S6. They all have a resolution of 3840x2160 and are supposed to be at 30fps. The weird thing is, some of the clips have video segments twice the ...
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VSE: One video overlays another - bottom one plays as expected, top one does not

I'm trying to overlay a screen recording of my phone on another video. Both videos are 1920x1080 and 50fps. It renders as expected, with the screen recording taking up a third of the image on the left ...
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Video faster than audio after rendering?

So I'm trying to edit this funny video from 2 years ago... And when I render the video the video is a lot faster than normal but the audio is normal. Also everything seems fine in preview.. I have ...
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Movie clip editor playback problem

Edit: It seems the problem is the format of the video file, Inter-frame and stuff, as converting it to an image sequence works perfectly (but awfully slow), I will try to convert it to another codec ...
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blender renders wrong portions of video strips

Here is the situation I loaded several video files, edited the strips, did some cuttings, and made a sequence that I'd like to get rendered, added some audio files, did same kind of work on them. But ...
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Access Audio Strips Sample data in Python for a Cross-Correlation

I want to perform an Audio Cross-Correlation in Blender (like with numpy.correlate) to align two Audio Strips. But I can't figure out how to access the Sample Data of an Audio Strip inside Blenders ...
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Audio is 1 frame off [closed]

I am experiencing a very strange behavior and I just cant explain whats happening. Setup: I have a video shot with a GOPRO at 59.95 fps. I want to use in a 29.97 fps environment inside blender, so I ...
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Best lossless video output format for later conversions for web

I'm creating an animation (with sound) in blender that's gonna be an HTML5 video. As browsers are quite picky, I'll probably need to embed the video into the web page in multiple different formats for ...
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How to work with variable framerate footage in the vse

I have a lot of footage from a mobile phone that was able to adapt to low illumination by increasing the exposure dynamically. As a result, those videos have no fixed framerate, but each video consist ...
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multiple frame rate movies causing problems

I have a large number of video strips that are 120f/s and some that are 30f/s that I want to merge together in a scene. The method I have been using, up until now, is to import all the movie strips. ...
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Video with unusual frame rate will skip or repeat a frame

In Blender, I overlaid a video onto the camera using background image to help make an animation (my objective is to copy the video). Unfortunately it has a very unusual frame rate. I have matched the ...
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Video gets cut in half after adding it to the VSE in 2.77 or 2.77a but not 2.76b?

I add a video to the VSE by adding it or dropping it with all the correct frame rate and length but it gets cut in half in 2.77 and 2.77a. Added the same video without making sure the frame or length ...
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