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Light wont penetrate glass [duplicate]

I just have a simple glass shader and that is it, is there anything i need to add so that light penetrates it? I'm using HDRI lighting and I have a sun lamp pointing directly at the glass.
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eye texturing problem [duplicate]

I created a simple eye and I UV unwrapped it and put eye texture on it. Then I duplicated the eye, put it in the same position and scaled it a little and I added glass texture on it. I don't know why ...
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How to illuminate the darkness inside glass objects in Cycles?

My model has a clear plastic (or glass) dome with objects inside. The objects appear dark. I've tried the glass shader with color 100% RGB, with very small IOR, and using just a refraction shader. ...
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Can't select and delete an object

Okay, so this thing, is for me very strange. It still might be very obvious, but I started with blender 4 days ago. So what is happening is that when I am rendering my animation, I have a white wall ...
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Spherical emitter does not illuminate very well?

I remember when I was recreating my bathroom and I modeled the lamp and gave it a glass material, but when I came to the lighting it got confusing. I modeled a sphere in the lamp because in real life ...
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Glass object's surface problem

I have use glass bsdf node on bottle object to make it looks like glass but i think there is mistake just like this. The part that i mark with colour paint,i dont know what is that, and why it end up ...
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Objects behind glass shader appear black [duplicate]

Why is this Iris not showing? It worked previously, before I started working on the fur and particle system today and other parts of the model (a monkey model) and at the end I realised that the Iris ...
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Unwanted reflections when rendering

I'm pretty new to blender and especially new to working with materials and lighting as I have done rendering in other programs previously. My problem is the reflections from the objects under the ...
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Colour of iris doesn't show in render (cycles)

I followed a tutorial ( on youtube for the procedural eyes of my sculpture. I used nodes to make them. When I render my sculpture, the colour of the iris ...
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Transparent material looks different in render/camera than in preview in Eevee

I've seen a few different questions with similar problems on here but none of the solutions appear to work for/apply to my issue. This one seems closest to the problem I'm having, but I don't have a ...
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