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Modelling array of holes into mesh [duplicate]

I'm practising how to model my Kitchen radio. On the top of the model it has many holes, I've used subdivision modifier on my mesh. My first attempt was to deactivate the submodifier and make an array ...
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Is there any method to make almost an automatic 'hive'? [duplicate]

I'm trying to do something like in the picture, Which is a grid made of hexagons, like a 'hive'. I could generate a texture in another software like PS to add it, but what i want is to extrude ...
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Hexagon column tessellation

New member here so please let me know is I'm doing anything wrong in this post and I'll adjust accordingly. I'd like to create the following image. I create a hexagon (circle with 6 sides), make the ...
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Making holes in an object using an image as a reference

I have an object already created in blender, a tree, or a human, or a pipe.. and I need this to be drilled with multiple holes. The holes are painted in an image, that is, it is an image that has a ...
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Is there a way to add fake thickness to an alpha image texture?

I'm using Cycles I want to add thickness to a texture with alpha transparency like @rich-sedman do in his nice answer here: How can I make a hexagonal grill? But this time with an image texture (jpg+...
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Star Trek: Impulse Engine Material in Blender

For those of you who are not familiar with which part of the Enterprise is the Impulse Engines, it's the red parts: Google Images The photo doesn't display it great, but it should help get the point ...
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How to create a circular shaped grid, similar to a manhole cover

I’m trying to create a circular shaped grid, similar to the one in the pic. That’s my first attempt, created by arranging several cylinders with an Array modifier and then cutting the holes via the ...
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How to create our own procedural texture like the default ones in blender

I am not talking about mixing different procedural textures .I want to know the process of making procedural textures from scratch. Thanks in advance
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Add repeating pattern to surface

Am making a storm trooper helmet from Ep7 to be 3D printed, and need to add texture (physical not graphical) to part of the model as shown to black section of the reference image below. And below is ...
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How to transform a plane into a honeycomb?

I would like to make all the convex plane shown by the red arrow as a honeycomb surface. I tried to use the add-on Honeycomb after having the addon Extra Objects enabled ( File > User Preferences > ...
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How can I build a model out of hexagons? (honeycomb effect)

I am trying to build a dome that consists solely of hexagons. They may vary a little in size but should retain their hexagonal shape and should not be squashed at the bottom. Also, is there a way to ...
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Creating a cardboard cut-out OR How do I make my geometry respect my 2d image import?

I'm working on a (fun but needlessly complex) mockup for my wife's work. The idea I've had is that I can use my PBR cardboard texture along with the 2d image that will effectively define the ...
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Boolean modifier with complex object (hole punching) makes blender go on its knees

I am creating a hole pattern in this flattened cube using an object to subtract it with (boolean modifier) consisting of a lot of cylinders. The cylinders uses two array modifiers, one that iterates ...
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How to make custom grid [closed]

I have this custom face and on that i want to make grid but not with the cylinder punch the hole. That will make more verts and faces and can disturb geometry. Anyway or addon can make a grid on my ...
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Mesoporous silica_tunneling structures

I am working with mesoporous silica, a material based on tubular voids or rod-like internal spaces, where different molecules can be loaded. I managed to do this in 2D, but I would like to "jump&...
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