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How to find image coordinates of the rendered vertex?

I have a simple mesh of a cube. I would like to know what are the coordinates of each vertex in the rendered image (i.e. for each 3d vertex I'd like to know it's pixel coordinates). Is there a way ...
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Update viewport while running script

I have a script, which creates multiple objects through a loop. However, the script freezes the viewport until it is done. Instead, I would like every object to be seen in the viewport one by one as ...
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Coordinates of corners of camera view border

How to get coordinates of corners of camera border in camera view relative to the viewport area? After checking ...
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How to find back-faces and delete them with python?

Is there a python code to find and delete back-faces? As a way to do "back-face culling".
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How to select only visible vertices using python API?

I'd like to select only the visible vertices (from the camera), using python interface. I use bpy.types.SpaceView3D.use_occlude_geometry = True to limit the ...
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Python - 3DView Border Select

I am scripting a plugin in Blender Python (using the newest Blender version, 2.69) and I want to select a region with the Border Select tool in the 3DViewport. I have looked this up in the ...
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How to get the active vertex within a Handler?

I need to know the current active vertex from within a Handler, so i do this: ...
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Check if a vertex is visible in camera view

I am trying to find the vertices that are visible in camera view i.e inside camera range and not being hidden by another object. Ive tried using ray casting but it seems it only check if the vertex ...
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How to find if the vertex of an object is occluded by another vertex/face in front of it from a given viewpoint?

I can use the recipes on this page: How to find image coordinates of the rendered vertex?. But is there a way to know if a point is being occluded by some point/face in front of it from the viewpoint ...
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Selecting all faces visible by camera

I need to select all faces that are visible from a certain camera, optimally via script because I have to do it very often. And actually, I already wrote a script that is doing this... in theory. But ...
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Vertex is visible to the camera or obscured

How can you know if a vertex is visible to the camera, or is it obscured by some faces of the same mesh or a mesh of other objects? I need a python solution for Blender 2.92 or above. At the input of ...
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How to locate object parts of rigged object visible in camera

I'm pretty new to blender. Currently I work in animate a rigged character, and render the depth for a computer vision project. My scene consist of some walls, floor, random objects and a human ...
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List all objects that appear in the camera FOV (avoid occluded objects)

Is there a way to list/print all objects in camera FOV that not occluded objects? prefer without iterating all verts like here ...
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Selecting vertices in headless mode

So I have a little script that selects all visible vertices by going to the camera view, entering edit mode and then calling bpy.ops.view3d.select_box. I now want ...
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