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How can I make a material only apply to a side of a plane?

How could a one-sided material be achieved with the Cycles renderer? I would like to create a plane that is completely transparent from one side, and a mirror from the other side. It would be cool ...
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Two-sided clothing with different materials? [duplicate]

How do I make two-sided clothing using the Cloth modifier, such that the front and back have different materials?
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How to make this dress animatable with White on top and Green on the bottom? [duplicate]

I'm at an impasse here, I'm making the dress part of Gardevoir where the inner(green) and outer(white) faces will be visible, But i am also trying to use Cloth physics to animate the dress as well. ...
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Text visible on backside [duplicate]

I wrote text on an object, but it is visible on the backside of the object i.e. Image:
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Add different textures to front and back of plane with solidify?

I have a map; a plane and a Solidify modifier. I have already applied an Image Texture to one side, but Blender is obviously applying the texture to both sides. I want to add a different Image ...
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Mapping/texturing inside of a box

I'm trying to replace the content of a box in a video, I have used the tracking system to match the movement of the video box with the interior of the one rendered in Blender, but I am running trough ...
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Rendering flipped textured backface

I have a scene where I render many falling tickets which consists of a textured plane with some text on. Currently, since it is a single face, the text on the backface is flipped. Is there any way to ...
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how to add siding to exterior of building

If I have a building and the walls are one object, is it possible to make the front exterior wall have a stone texture and the back exterior wall horizontal metal siding, for example? Likewise on an ...
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How do I make a UV unwapped image visible on only one side of the object

I UV unwrapped a label and applied a texture. However,the back side needs be a solid color. I applied the following suggestions How to apply a texture to only one side of a plane. As you can see ...
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Softbody - opposite faces are bleeding through (clipping?) - how to avoid?

Learning blender, this is not a project of any sorts - just me learning. I am trying to make a money bill, and I'd like it to have softbody physics, so that I can make a shower of bills flying around, ...
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