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Motion tracking video will not appear in render [duplicate]

I'm trying to do some simple motion tracking in Blender and all I need is for the video I imported to show in the render. This is how I was told the nodes are supposed to be set up. I have my movie ...
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How to add background image?

I want to add a background image to a render through the compositing, nodes but I can't seem to figure it out. How can I do this?
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Background images not rendering [duplicate]

Trying to place a background image into the scene that renders with the scene. The camera view shows the image nut it's not there when rendered. Any clues?
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How to set backround image in Blender 2.8 [duplicate]

I am trying to set a background image in Blender 2.8 Beta. The image is what I have right now for nodes. I set it to world node and it has a background when I render it but it is all mixed up.Do you ...
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Camera tracking background is not visible [duplicate]

transparent was checked in render tab but I unchecked now what to do. I am trying to render video within mesh a uv sphere so I can see only sphere not video in render time what to do.
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Background photo missing in render [duplicate]

I made a campfire in Blender and I would like to render it with a specific photo in the background, but when I start rendering, the photo is missing. Edit: Thanks for your links they explain my ...
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(Brand new to Blender) Background image wont render with model [duplicate]

Firstly, I apologise, I know this gets asked a lot and I've read through other answers, but I'm still not getting it. As far as I can tell I've done everything right. Can anyone see what's missing? ...
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Particle Emission Rendering as Black Screen

I've been trying to learn Blender and I had a whole scene created and it was working fine. I rendered out a very nice background at 7980 x 2160, but then I tried to make a video of the same scene at ...
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