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How can I render an edge only mesh as solid lines?

I have a schematic of a raspberry pi that is completely flat, no solid faces, just connected vertices. Is it possible to render these lines somehow, so that it looks like a 2D drawing? Maybe with ...
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How to display the edges of a mesh while in Object mode?

I sometimes like to view my models in wireframe mode, but it doesn't show individual faces, only lines representing the general formation of the object. With subdivisions (especially) this does not ...
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Rendering with wireframe

I'm making figures to illustrate some details about how meshes work. I'd like to render my scene normally, but overlay all of my meshes in wire mode. The only solution I've found which works is ...
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Node for setting render colour, regardless of lighting

I'm trying to make a material node setup to set final render colors, regardless of lighting conditions. Is such a setup possible?
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How to render as only wireframe in Cycles?

I need to know how to render a object on Blender Cycles but only as a wireframe, for example, like this: Also, it is possible to vary between the smooth wireframe object and the polygonal wireframe ...
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Is there a textured but unlit (full bright) viewport mode?

I'm trying to display models that have shading drawn or baked directly on the textures, but I can't figure out how to disable Blender's default scene lighting. If there are no lights in the scene, ...
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Render a wireframe with equal thickness in Cycles?

Is there a way to make a render with freestyle in cycles and use it as a wireframe? No matter what technique I use, blender always gives me a stretched wireframe. And by that I mean the wireframe is ...
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Can cycles Wireframe Input be coerced into displaying Tris, Quads and Ngons

edit 2 years later: Here is an alternative answer that meets the desired end-result using FreeStyle. Is there a way to make the wireframe input show the geometry as BMesh polygons instead of the raw ...
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How to render a pixelated, occluded wireframe with freestyle?

I'd like to combine these features: The pixelated look of a wire material with anti-aliasing disabled. Proper occlusion of hidden lines. A wireframe material produces the first feature, freestyle ...
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wireframe render over an object with the subdivision surface wireframe?

Is there a way to render an object with a subdivision surface modifier with a wireframe which is the original geometry as well as the wires that make the subdivision surface? Example: This wireframe ...
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Show edges in render [duplicate]

I am trying to show the edges in my render but it is not working. To see what I mean, I am trying to create the same result as the image below in Blender render. Of course I did some research. I ...
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How do I render like this picture?

I'd like to render flat and wireframe like this. How do I control render setting?
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