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Problem with decreasing polygon count

I am currently working on the gun mesh. I made high poly version and it have 1.6 million faces. As I want to publish it online, I need to make low poly. I am not familiar with that workflow, so this ...
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Importing models from AutoCAD to Blender

I am looking for a method to import my 3D models made in AutoCAD to Blender. I have tried .stl and .fbx import but both of these triangulate the mesh and also I have to do a lot of clean up work to ...
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Using imported model created by photogrammetry as a reference to create other model

Would it be possible to have a transparent textured model created by using photogrammetry in the "background" to use as a reference while making a regular 3D model? What would be the best way to go ...
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Question about topology?

Learning the blender ropes. I wanted to uv unwrap this (attached) high poly mesh to uv paint, but I can't as it's too dense. The object mainly has texture and creases done with the sculpt tool. I'...
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time to decimate & bake a hi poly to low poly model?

How long does it take to decimate and bake the texture from a hi poly human model (~500K) to low poly model(~20K). What blender addon do you use for that ? With or without GPU ? Thank you Albert
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How to fix the sinking area surface after decimate?

I have a 3D model which I am going to use it in a website but the size of the model is way above acceptable range for online applications. So I tried to decimate the model, but its surface sinks in. ...
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Extremely stretched faces after extruded in sculpting

I am new to sculpting and I am having a mesh here which I decided to make bigger to create sort of a body out of it, so I locked the upper part of the mesh with B and used the standard brush to ...
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How to decrease the polygon count on my mesh?

I'm an absolute beginner. I'm trying to reduce the count of polygons in my mesh. I've looked at some tutorials online and I know what I need to do is go through the decimate process. I can't locate ...
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Fastest method for retopology in Blender?

I've modeled a head in Zbrush but it's a very dense mesh. This is my very first 3D project so I'm not really sure how to go about doing the retopology. Can anyone point me toward some good tutorials ...
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Blender Model goes black only in Edit Mode

In sculpt mode and object mode the object is normal. However when I enter edit mode the object goes black. I tried removing doubles and recalculating normals but the model stayed black in edit mode. I ...
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High poly mesh slow in blender?

trying to animate highpoly mesh about 1 million polygons even slower when I try to apply physics like softbodies is there a way around this?seems like I really got to lower the polygons in order to ...
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I'm searching retopology tools

What are the best free-blender tools in order to retopology a mesh? I'm using Mira tool during this period but i don't like it very much. Any advice? Please help me
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How to retopologize my model? [duplicate]

The model I make is all messed up and probably has too many vertices. I tried subdividing too many times.
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How to draw grease pencil on a surface (blender 2,75)?

I used to draw grease pencil on surface normally on older blender versions but now I cant find the option to do that,how can I draw on surface on the new blender grease pencil?
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