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Double Sided Faces

How do I make the faces I am using for the leaves of the tree I am making double sided? Currently only one side appears, while looking at them from a different angle they disappear. The only solution ...
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Weird Black "Shadows" On Rendered Image

I'm getting these weird black shadows on my rendered image of this mailbox I'm making. Here's a link to the file and a link to YouTube so you can see what's going on. I was able to mess with the ...
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How to add more light to the 3D view [duplicate]

Is there some way to add more light to the 3D scene during modeling? Not to the final render, but just make the object more visible. I followed few tutorials and I do exact steps but somehow their ...
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Model has strange shade points [duplicate]

I did a bit of re-topo and suddenly when I smooth the model it creates this weird effect seen below: I've 'Removed Doubles' and made it 'Double Sided'. (I've also selected 'Auto Smooth' which has ...
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Why are the mesh faces different colors? [duplicate]

In the 3D View window the mesh I am modeling appears with two different colors. The final render has one color. it's my first day learning blender and I'm following a tutorial to create a house ...
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Inactive/greyed out faces (solved) [duplicate]

I'm using Blender 3 and after making a race track I've noticed that some of the faces on my kerbs are greyed out or inactive - but only in X-ray mode (for example selected faces in screenshot1). They ...
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Why is my render turning out grey?

I have a very fast computer and i'm trying to render out this scene (just in the viewport, as i'm making stuff, so not the final product) when when I turn the view a little in certain directions it ...
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Select normals pointing in a certain direction

A collegue has modelled, in Rhino, a small transparent plastic bottle (the type commonly seen holding small amounts of cosmetics etc.) with an embossed logo on the wall of the bottle. The mesh is ...
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How to recalculate the normals (or just solve this problem) for the edges of my hand model? [duplicate]

So I am making a humanoid body in Blender, and everything else about it looks fine, except this one loop on the hand that I have been working at for around 2 hours, and cannot seem to fix, despite ...
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Boolean Modifier Issue. Object 1 wont cut through object 2 for some reason

I am trying to make an object cut through another object by using the boolean modifier. I tried using the difference and also tried intersect but to no avail. This is what I am trying to achieve. ...
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Why is there a depression in my render even though there is none in the wireframe? [duplicate]

I made a rough model of a 4-legged animal. I did it using a mirror modifier to mirror the left and right sides of the animal. In object mode, I right clicked on my animal and chose "Shade Smooth&...
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I always get rendered and old version, I cannot save the new version neither

Hello Blender Community, I already checked for this question, and it seems it already has been asked and answered. Still, I none of the answers helped me to fix this problem in my case. I opened my ...
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Mapping an orthographic texture to a model

I created a model, that is based on an orthographic projection. The orthographic projection also contains the image(s) that I want to map to my model. (Ship model left / Orthographic view and textures ...
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Why does my Retopology have these shade edges? [duplicate]

I was creating some clothing by doing topology on a body. I then subdivided the object to make it higher poly, and then these weird shade edges appeared. Does anyone know why it appeared and how to ...
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Why do some faces of my model show up like this? I also cannot create any loop cut that runs through them [duplicate]

Something is making these faces appear this way. I can't loop cut through them, and overall it's bothering me. Something looks like it's not right. I tried merging by distance to remove any doubles ...
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