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Faces don't look smooth when using shade smooth [duplicate]

I'm working on a human mesh, and I wanted to Shade Smooth it, but for some reason it looks weird around the shins. This has happened twice, the active face seems to gets messed up when using shade ...
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Why do some faces of my model show up like this? I also cannot create any loop cut that runs through them [duplicate]

Something is making these faces appear this way. I can't loop cut through them, and overall it's bothering me. Something looks like it's not right. I tried merging by distance to remove any doubles ...
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why are my newly added faces shaded [duplicate]

I am editing a model, however the faces that I added with F are shaded. Other faces are just plain color.
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Inactive/greyed out faces (solved) [duplicate]

I'm using Blender 3 and after making a race track I've noticed that some of the faces on my kerbs are greyed out or inactive - but only in X-ray mode (for example selected faces in screenshot1). They ...
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Why is material reflecting what appears to be black on some objects? [duplicate]

can anyone tell me why in the world these tube shapes are appearing this way? It's as if they're reflecting in different directions.. they almost appear black in some cases. It's a simple shader setup,...
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Any idea why my mesh is doing this when I shade smooth? [duplicate]

I've been trying to fix this for hours from remaking the inside of the mouth and deleting any accidental extra vertices but it still has this problem and appears transparent when I export it to Mixamo
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The faces in rendered and material mode are shading incorrectly. Some are dark and some are light. All normals are correct [duplicate]

the faces are affected by the light so sometimes they're very bright or very dark. I tried deleting and adding the faces but they change slightly, and not all of them change.
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Why is lighting broken while using shade smooth? [duplicate]

I have a problem with my mesh (blend file at the bottom), I want to connect these two sides of the object so the mesh creates something like a loop. Mesh is fine and smooth if those sides are not ...
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Strange dark color and reflection spots on solid mode [duplicate]

I am new to Blender. My model appear darker with strange white reflections/spots, even on Solid Mode. Parts that are disconnected from the main body are fairer for some reasons, and the mirror ...
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Why are some faces darker than others in edit mode? [duplicate]

Everything else is fine, it's not ngon or something, it's a quad, so why does this happens?
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Adding solidify mesh getting sharp edge

I want to add solidify modifier to give thickness. With Solidify modifier Getting this result Without solidify modifier result is good but some sharp edge seen (mark in white) Want to have some ...
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Weird issue with faces [duplicate]

When I try creating a new face at a certain place, it seems to be back to front or something for some reason. When I bevel the edge the vertices are also in the wrong places. Here's a few images to ...
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Hard surface modeling - topology problem [duplicate]

Don't know why the problem occurs. after smooth shading, this appears I need an edge loop there for the sharp edge of the gun cut-out.
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Why is there a depression in my render even though there is none in the wireframe? [duplicate]

I made a rough model of a 4-legged animal. I did it using a mirror modifier to mirror the left and right sides of the animal. In object mode, I right clicked on my animal and chose "Shade Smooth&...
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why is the faces on my model darker than the others? [duplicate]

around the eyes it just goes dark and i do not know how to fix it
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