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Mirror modifier and shading issues [duplicate]

I’m new to Blender. With the ear picture below, what do I do about the ring around the ear? Also with the head I can’t seem to figure out how to get rid of the line going down the face after I ...
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Shading Problems with model [duplicate]

For some reason, my model doesn't shade properly. Why is this happening.
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How can I fix this shading problem? [duplicate]

First month using blender, familiar with character modeling and proper topology. Ever since I started on the legs of this character, I've noticed awkward shading where it shouldn't be, but I figured ...
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Some triangles in imported PLY with Color Attribute appearing dark

I'm new to Blender, and I was trying to render a model from the game Stormworks, a .ply file. Having imported it, and getting stuck, given the learning curve, I consulted this guide, however, the ...
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How to recalculate the normals (or just solve this problem) for the edges of my hand model? [duplicate]

So I am making a humanoid body in Blender, and everything else about it looks fine, except this one loop on the hand that I have been working at for around 2 hours, and cannot seem to fix, despite ...
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Why two distinct colors on this object? [duplicate]

my probllem simply is I am creating a hand saw and the handle, which is one object, clearly looks divided with two different colors. I did nothing in Shading workspace, only Materials...New...Color ...
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How do I fix the shading on these edges? [duplicate]

I'm currently splitting off the hair of this model from the body before I fix up any issues with it, but the shading on the edges where the hair used to start is extremely dark and weird, despite ...
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Why does my Retopology have these shade edges? [duplicate]

I was creating some clothing by doing topology on a body. I then subdivided the object to make it higher poly, and then these weird shade edges appeared. Does anyone know why it appeared and how to ...
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Distortion Light on Object [duplicate]

i got a trouble on the object when i click shade smooth it start appearing black and white between my model i am using Mirror Modifier does it effect ? why does it have 2 square when i actually made ...
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Why are there strips of faces that are a different color from the Base Color? [duplicate]

My model has these small parts of it that are miscolored, and I don't know why. I think it might be related to the lighting. Does anyone know why this is, or what causes it? I'm new to Blender, and I ...
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How would I smooth out this jagged surface/edge on this mesh [duplicate]

Is there anyway to fix this, I shaded smooth in blender and it ended up coming out very ruff, even after merging by distance this time.
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Why are there darker faces forming a pixelated pattern in my mesh? [duplicate]

Why are there darker faces in my mesh. They form some sort of "pixelated" pattern across faces in my mesh?
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I made a separate object to model feet apart from the base mesh before joining it, making it one mesh. I then filled in all the faces between the two and as I did this I found that the smooth shading ...
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Faces don't look smooth when using shade smooth [duplicate]

I'm working on a human mesh, and I wanted to Shade Smooth it, but for some reason it looks weird around the shins. This has happened twice, the active face seems to gets messed up when using shade ...
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Why do some faces of my model show up like this? I also cannot create any loop cut that runs through them [duplicate]

Something is making these faces appear this way. I can't loop cut through them, and overall it's bothering me. Something looks like it's not right. I tried merging by distance to remove any doubles ...
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