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why is the faces on my model darker than the others? [duplicate]

around the eyes it just goes dark and i do not know how to fix it
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Black area on my 3d model. How would I fix this? [duplicate]

I'm trying to model a coffee cup and then when I connected the grip to the main cup this happened.
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Why is there a depression in my render even though there is none in the wireframe? [duplicate]

I made a rough model of a 4-legged animal. I did it using a mirror modifier to mirror the left and right sides of the animal. In object mode, I right clicked on my animal and chose "Shade Smooth&...
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Why is lighting broken while using shade smooth? [duplicate]

I have a problem with my mesh (blend file at the bottom), I want to connect these two sides of the object so the mesh creates something like a loop. Mesh is fine and smooth if those sides are not ...
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Hi, I'm having trouble with the mesh on this mug handle [duplicate]

I was following Blender Guru's tutorial on making a cup and I ran into this issue with the mesh. I deleted the interior faces and for some reason it still doesn't look good. I'm not sure what else ...
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how do you light dark areas [duplicate]

okay so, my lighting is being weird and I have several dark spots, it doesn't matter how many lights i have or where i move them, they still persist, its also bugging me that the gloves are the exact ...
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Basing modeling of a holder [duplicate]

I'm trying to model this simple thing. Anyone have any idea how to do model this. Without the top black. I tried to do this but the half of the mesh looks different.
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Strange Gradient [duplicate]

This is my first modeling try at a person, and I am still quite new to blender, but I was wondering if anyone knew why I get this gradient in my object? It seems to be along some of the edges. Even ...
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How can i turn a few Planes upside down? [duplicate]

Im currently modeling a 3D Character in Blender. Im learning from a Video Tutorial Serires of Darrin Lile on Youtube, because im a total Blender Noob. I finished the surface of my Character using ...
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Regions are Shaded Weirdly [duplicate]

I'm following the cup walkthrough on YouTube and for some reason, the inside of my cup has weirdly shaded regions. Is there any way to fix this easily? Or did I have an incorrect setting and I'll ...
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Hard surface modeling - topology problem [duplicate]

Don't know why the problem occurs. after smooth shading, this appears I need an edge loop there for the sharp edge of the gun cut-out.
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Why are part of my model differently colored? [duplicate]

I tried to redo normals, but this doesn't seem to be the issue here. When imported to Unreal the different colored items have missing polies.
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Lighting looks strange and planes are disappearing [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a dolphin model for 3d printing. While making the dolphin, I realized that in object mode the tailfin's lighting looks strange: As you can see, the lighting of the fins is split, ...
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Merged characters hand to the arm and got a weird choppy result [duplicate]

Looking for a smooth transition
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Why are some faces darker than others in edit mode? [duplicate]

Everything else is fine, it's not ngon or something, it's a quad, so why does this happens?
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