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Parts of my model are a different color to the rest [duplicate]

I have a Problem with my first Blender model. As you can see in the images, the color of the legs are different to the rest of the model: I haven't applied any modifiers besides the Subdivision ...
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Why does my model look "patchy" after I enable smooth shading on it? [duplicate]

[![enter image description here][2]][2] How I do I fix those strange patches? I tried hours of subdividing areas and such but to no luck.. Is there a simple fix? Could someone people help, I'd be ...
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Advice on how to remove these weird black shadow things? [duplicate]

I am not sure what to do with these vertices to fix this weird pinch I have. It creates weird shadows and looks bad. Here are some images. I could probably just delete a big chunk and try again but ...
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Color difference between 2 objects in Object Mode/Solid View [duplicate]

Blender 2.79 Two objects with identical material settings and no texture. Viewed in Object Mode/Solid View the one on the left has a dark, bluish tint. The two look identical in other views and render ...
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Part of my object is black [duplicate]

I don't know how I did this. Can someone explain. Is this lighting? shading? why the extreme black and how do I fix this? Thank you. Cheers!
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How To fix this weird shading issue? [duplicate]

]2 Weird Shading which also effects the sub d in a weird way. Maybe it's a bug but I have a feeling I screwed up somewhere :)
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Why does my Retopology have these shade edges? [duplicate]

I was creating some clothing by doing topology on a body. I then subdivided the object to make it higher poly, and then these weird shade edges appeared. Does anyone know why it appeared and how to ...
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Why is part of a mesh a different color on the viewport? [duplicate]

I would like to know if the color of a mesh means something special. Is it because these two triangles are deep grey that something is wrong with them? Thanks everyone.
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Join two parts of object faces to match shadow [duplicate]

What do i have to do to join highlighted group of faces with others, so shadow will be the same when joined. All faces are already part of same object (Joined them via Ctrl + J). I tried merging them ...
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Why do faces appear transparent when exported to a game engine? [duplicate]

I created a low poly tree, and it's what I see in the editor: But, in my 3D game engine (Godot Engine), this is how the tree looks: (On the left, this is an icosphere created with Blender). I don't ...
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3d printing a part from Blender [duplicate]

PROBLEM SOLVED...THANKS PGMATH FOR THE HELP. I'm brand new to using Blender, and I'm trying to teach myself some basics to use in conjunction with 3D printing. To do that I'm trying to 3D print a ...
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Missing Faces when importing to Ue4 and Unity [duplicate]

So I just finished modelling my Scar H but I noticed this it has some blue and white parts in it and when I import it to UE4 and Unity half of the blue parts was gone am I doing something wrong? In ...
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black spots on the object in edit and object mode [duplicate]

The object I downloaded from internet is covered in black spots. There is no texture or material on it. How can I delete them?
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I made a separate object to model feet apart from the base mesh before joining it, making it one mesh. I then filled in all the faces between the two and as I did this I found that the smooth shading ...
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Black area on my 3d model. How would I fix this? [duplicate]

I'm trying to model a coffee cup and then when I connected the grip to the main cup this happened.
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