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why is there a gradient on my mesh?

There's a gradient on some parts of my mesh. I tried flipping the normals, and it wasn't doing anything. Is there a way to remove the gradient?
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Boolean modifier not catching the mesh properly

When i try to use boolean Union to add one mesh to another it appears that evrything is alright but when i apply and then try to move it, it only catches a part of it Before After Could someone Help ...
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Blender material issue while snapping two objects snaps together

This is two half-sphere snap to each other by the center line. I am working on a modeling project which run into this problem. I want to make it like a whole sphere while render it out, but it like ...
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Why does mesh imported into Unity can be seen through? [duplicate]

I made simple funny character in blender without animations. In Blender it looks good, this is the screenshot of it: When i put my character.blend file into Unity assets folder, it says ...
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Help!! 3d mesh with black lines. Retopology

I was practicing 3D doing retopology when I went to smooth the mesh, I ended up finding this black line. How do I solve this?
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Blender's mesh problem with shaders

I started working on a body today and made a body and a hand. I did them both separately. The problem comes when I try to connect them. There's a really weird, sharp shadow coming when I make a face ...
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Some triangles in imported PLY with Color Attribute appearing dark

I'm new to Blender, and I was trying to render a model from the game Stormworks, a .ply file. Having imported it, and getting stuck, given the learning curve, I consulted this guide, however, the ...
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Can't perform boolean difference with an imported collada object [duplicate]

I imported a Collada file created on Photoshop (turning a png into 3d plane), then extruded it in Blender. The reason for that is that this is a complex object to create with curves myself so I ...
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problem while exporting the model to unity [duplicate]

Hey guys i'm new to blender and recently i was working on my model but i'm facing a problem when i export it has fbx and load it in unity This is how the object looks when i'm in blender and This is ...
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